Roy Turner(Dudley HS/Southeast Guilford HS) says health and safety are key concerns going into HS Basketball season, and that all basketball players Must Wear Masks!!!/Mark Dreibelbis(NCHSAA) says, “Wear the Mask”!!!

We might need to add a timeout or two, to the NCHSAA basketball games this season…Practice began on Monday/yesterday, and the regular season games are due to begin on January 4, 2021….

The theme for the 2021 season will be, “Wear the Mask”…..Roy Turner, one of the directors of high school basketball officials for the state of North Carolina says, “Wear the Mask”…Roy Turner, is also a former Guilford County high school athletic director….

Mark Dreibelbis, the NCHSAA Supervisor of Officials, says “Wear the Mask”…..

Like we were saying up top, we may need to add in an extra timeout or two this season, to make sure that everyone is, wearing their mask….

“Wear the Mask”, and this is imperative…But, that extra timeout may come in handy, and you could probably use it, just to make sure all masks are ON!!!

In the timeout, the coach is asking, “Who you got?”…As in, who you got on defense…And the player is likely to respond on more than one occasion, “I got my mask on, and that’s the only thing I can cover right now”…..

The coach’s Christmas List must include extra masks this year…Get those extra masks, and get them on, and leave them on…

Wonder how this is going to effect running in games and practice….Suicides may become real suicide, when those masks get a little too tight….

This subject is like being down in a well…This is a very deep subject, and the football players better start getting used to wearing masks too, for their games and practices, are just around the corner….

**********More on this DEEP subject below, as we hit the well…..**********

Officials will enforce NCHSAA mask mandate during basketball games like uniform violations; will focus on compliance before punitive measures….

Roy Turner
(Roy is the former AD/Athletic Director at Dudley HS and at Southeast Guilford HS, and now is one of the key director of basketball officials in the state of North Carolina.)
The Health and Safety of all participants is our #1 priority….

Mark Dreibelbis, the NCHSAA Supervisor of Officials, spoke to HighSchool OT and their lead writer, Nick Stevens, and here is what was said in that conversation…..

Mark Dreibelbis, the NCHSAA Supervisor of Officials, says officials will be instructed to make sure athletes comply with the mandate. He said compliance will be their first priority, but there could be penalties later if athletes refuse to wear masks.

“Our efforts will be to ensure compliance first and foremost, and only be punitive if the actions of the player(s) exhibit non-compliance,”

The enforcement of the mask mandate will be similar to the enforcement of uniform violations, such as untucked jerseys.

First, officials will issue a warning to a player who is not wearing a mask properly.

“If no compliance (after the first warning) — relegate to the bench and time must come off the clock prior to returning to the game,” said Dreibelbis.

If non-compliance continues after that point, Dreibelbis said officials can issue an unsporting technical foul, which will be charged directly to the player in violation.

“We hope this will be unnecessary, but we will enforce if compliance is not exhibited,” Dreibelbis said.