Caldwell Academy vs. Greensboro Day School and Wesleyan Christian Academy Swim Meet Results

Caldwell Academy held their first swim meet of the Winter Season against Wesleyan Christian & Greensboro Day…..Here are the

Caldwell Academy 92.00 Wesleyan 91.00

GDS 107.50 Wesleyan 76.50

GDS 97.00 Caldwell 77.00


MENS Caldwell 60.00 Wesleyan 32. GDS 56 Wesleyan 36 Caldwell 53 GDS 36

WOMEN’S Wesleyan 59 Caldwell 32 GDS 51.50 Wesleyan 40.50 GDS 61 Caldwell 24

TOP 2 FINISHERS for Caldwell

WOMEN’S 200 yd Medley Relay : Caldwell 3rd place ( Davis Bryant,, Maddie Herrick,, Reece Ramseur,, Annna Grace Reynolds
MENS ” ” ” Caldwell 1st place ( Kieran Mohorn,, John Ramos,,,Noah Ramos,,, Carson Reynolds

WOMEN’S 200 yd FreeStyle Reece Ramseur 2nd place
MENS ” ” ” John Ramos 1st place

MENS 200yd IM Noah Ramos 2nd place

WOMEN’S 50yd Free Libby Newman 4th place Klya Hahn 7th place
MENS ” ” ” Carson Reynolds 1st place,,, Parker Smith 2nd place

WOMEN’S 100yd Butter Reece Ramseur 1st place, ( NEW SCHOOL RECORD time of 1:01.84 )
MENS ” ” Noah Ramos 2nd place

WOMEN’S 100 yd Free Libby Newman 7th place,,, Fiona Konig 11th place
MENS ” ” Kieran Mohorn 2nd place,,, Carson Reynolds 3rd place

WOMEN’S 500 yd Free Anna Grace Reynolds 2nd place
MENS ” ” ” Parker Smith 1st place

WOMEN’S 200 yd Free Relay Caldwell 2nd place ( Davis Bryant,, Maddie Herrick,, Reece Ramseur,, Anna Grace Reynolds )
MENS ” ” ” Caldwell 1st place ( Carson Reynolds,, Kieran Mohorn,,Noah Ramos,, John Ramos,,
Caldwell 3rd place ( Sam Binder,, Michael Brown,, Davis Mohorn,, Zach Hall

WOMEN’S 100yd Backstroke Davis Bryant 4th place
MENS ” ” Kieran Mohorn 2nd place,, Jonathon Reynolds 4th place

WOMEN’S 100yd Breaststroke Anna Grace Reynolds 6th place,,, Maddie Herrick 7th place
MENS ” ” John Ramos 2nd place,, Davis Mohorn 5th place

WOMEN’S 400yd Freestyle Relay Caldwell 3rd place ( Libby Newman,, Gracie Benton,, Masie Hagen,, Fiona Knoig
MENS ” ” Caldwell 2nd place ( Jonathon Reynolds,, Sam Binder,, Michael Brown,, Parker Smith

Courtesy of Bob Black
Caldwell Athletic Booster and Supporter