The Morning Run:Baby, “It’s been cold outside this week”(This Week’s Top Ten is rolling in, NFL-style)

It has been a cold week on the run, and for today’s Morning Run, it was about the same…You just have to stop and say to yourself, and to whoever will listen, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and we have the spot proof for you right here…

We have “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, to get us going today…And it has not been that easy to get going this week, with the cold temps and all…

But, here it is, we have Idina Menzel & Michael BublĂ©, with “Baby It’s Cold Outside”….

CLICK BELOW for you Morning Run video, and it has some Christmas themed background going on for good measure…

During your run, on “The Morning Run”, your body can get cold and that means your entire body, even your heart can get cold, and we have the man that can tell this story for us in song….We have Hank Williams Sr. and his tune, “Cold Cold Heart”
Click On Below for the Hank Williams Sr. video show, with Cold, Cold, Heart…

How cold can it get??? Many times, it is as “Cold as Ice”….Cold As Ice, that is our next tune this morning, on “The Morning Run”
Here’s Foreigner with, “Cold as Ice”….

So, how do you get warmed up on those cold mornings??? I guess you have to be “Hot Blooded”…..We must bring back Foreigner to get us going again…This time around we have Foreigner, with “Hot Blooded”….

For our spiritual song/tune of the day, we will bring in a country song, from an African-American country music singer, and he was also a professional baseball player back in his day….He played pro baseball back there in Mizzoula, Montana, and he sang his music there too….We are talking about none other than, “The Man”, Charley Pride…And here is Charley Pride, with “Kiss an Angel Good Morning…Kiss an Angel Good Morning, on “The Morning Run”….
Here’s Charley Pride and his song….

Now it is time to get to our Top Ten for today….The Top Ten NFL Teams/franchises….

1)Pittsburgh Steelers/New England Patriots
3)San Francisco 49ers/Dallas Cowboys
5)Green Bay Packers
6)Washington Redskins/New Giants/Oakland-LA Raiders
9)Kansas City Chiefs/Denver Broncos/Miami Dolphins
**********There you go, and that’s a pretty tough Top Ten, and based on Super Bowl victories….**********

That’s it for this week, and our research department lives on…See you all right here, next week, on “The Morning Run”……