After Nearly 20 Years, a Greensboro College Sports Department Institution has left the yard/building:Due to the Pandemic, Wesley(Wes) Wayne Gullett is no longer “Part of the Pride”

As of Tuesday morning, Wesley(Wes) Gullett, is no longer “Part of the Pride”….

Wes Gullett, has left the building/yard at Greensboro College….

Wes had been part of the college sports department for nearly 20 years, at Greensboro College, on West Market Street, here in Greensboro…

It almost makes you think of the Nativity Scene that has been out front on the Greensboro College lawn for all these years, and now you say it is gone, and then you look around the Greensboro College campus, and Wes Gullett is gone too….

The ‘Pandemic of 2020’ has claimed another key position at one of our local colleges…

This time Greensboro College Sports Information Director Wes Gullett, has lost his job…

Wesley Wayne Gullet, hence Wes Gullett, came to Greensboro College nearly 20 years ago, from Alexander Central High School, up above Hickory, N.C.

Wes came to GC to play college football for Greensboro College, but in the end, he ended up becoming part of the Pride’s Sports Information Department…Wes became a student-assistant SID…

Wes went on to graduate from Greensboro College, and he went to become the school’s Assistant Sports Information Director, working under GC SID, Robert(Bob) Lowe

As time moved on, Bob Lowe ended up leaving Greensboro College, and Wes Gullett was able to assume his dream job, that as the head Sports Information Director, at Greensboro College…And Wesley Wayne Gullett has now held down this SID spot/position for several years, that is until today/Tuesday December 15, 2020

As of Tuesday morning of this week, Wesley(Wes) Gullett has left the building/yard at Greensboro College, on West Market Street, here in Greensboro…

Wes Gullett gone, but not to be forgotten…We have remembered him right here in this post at….

We have posted many of Wes’s Greensboro College Athletics Department press releases from over the years…Maybe more of Wes’s work than any other college in our area have made their way onto the pages of…Maybe it was battle between Wes and Dave Walters, the former Guilford College SID, to see who had the most posts at

Wes worked hard to get the word out about his beloved Greensboro College…Wes loved to get those local TV mentions on WFMY TV 2, WGHP FOX 8, and on WXII TV 12, but even Wesley Wayne Gullett knew at the end of the day, that the TV stations could never guarantee that they would get his stories on the tube, but Wes always knew, that would be there for him, as his primary outlet….

And here we are again today/this morning, doing our best to give Wes his royal/proper sendoff….Plus you know our title says, “Wes Gullett is no longer a “Part of the Pride”…But, can you really say that, and that statement really be true????

Not really my friends, for it seems to me that just like that Nativity Scene on West Market Street will always be a part of Greensboro College, Wesley(Wes) Wayne Gullett, will always be a part of Greensboro College too….

The Nativity Scene came to Greensboro College from the Pilot Life Insurance property, out off of High Point Road, and Wes Gullett had to come here from some place else too, and he arrived in Greensboro, from up at Alexander Central High School, the son from a military household….

Wes Gullett, the nephew of Don Gullett, the former New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds World Series Champion pitcher…Four World Series titles overall for Don Gullett, two with the Reds and two with the Yankees…Wes Gullett, also the college fraternity brother of Danny Mackey, known affectionately as Spaz, when he works for the Greensboro Grasshoppers….

Wes Gullett is well-grounded and he is well-connected, and Wes will rise again….

You have not heard the last of Wesley Wayne Gullett…This young man will bounce back, and you can count on that….

The ‘Pandemic of 2020’ may have knocked Wes Gullett down, and he may have lost his job at Greensboro College, but Wes Gullett will be back up on his feet again soon….

“Watch for Wes” at a baseball park, or a college stadium near you soon…

You have not heard the last from Wesley Wayne Gullett, he is on his back, and he will continue to leave his mark on our city…

Thank-you Wes Gullett, and we all know your best work is yet to come, so get back on your feet, hit the street, and get the ball rolling….Wes Gullett, coming soon to a ballgame near you….