“The Morning Run”:In the Air there’s a Feeling of Christmas/A Cold Christmas Morning(30 degrees and Feels like 19 degrees)!!!/”Snoopy is Coming to Town”!!!

Just back in and we have the Top Ten coming up quickly for you…..Very chilly out there on “The Morning Run”…Phone temperature said 30 degrees and feels like temp was 19 degrees….Sure felt like it…

Couldn’t stay out there too long and will have to go back out there for a second shift this afternoon…Time to wear some sweat pants this morning, there is no doubt about that…

The wind was the real kicker this morning…It was kicking the tar out of you…And the only problem was, the tar was frozen…

But let’s forego our insightful recollections and get into the meat of this Christmas Day Morning Run meal….

As we were saying up top, in the air there’s a feeling of Christmas….
(Christmas bells those Christmas bells, ringing through the land, bringing peace to all the world and good will to men….Here’s just a taste of what’s to come.)

Here’s hoping that they will show the Andy Griffith Christmas Special tonight on Me TV…Locally on TV 12.2….Makes for a great holiday treat, with Andy, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bea, and the whole gang….Be sure to tune in at 8pm on Me TV, to see if they have the Christmas show rolling again, this year….
CLICK ON HERE for one of the key scenes from the Andy Griffith Christmas episode, and you’ll surely remember this one…

You might just like this one too…Always one of my favorites…It is “The Homecoming, A Christmas Story”…This is Christmas up on Walton’s Mountain, with John Boy, Mary Ellen, Ben, Elizabeth and all of the Waltons…Daddy, Momma, Grandpa Walton, Grandma Walton, and the whole gang….This is the full movie, so go right back and enjoy, on Christmas 2020, as we take you back up to Walton’s Mountain, up in Virginia…

That gives you a couple of good shows to look at, and now it is time again, for our Top Ten…..This week, we going with Top Ten Christmas songs…Not necessarily the artist, but the song itself…..

Now here’s our Top Ten list of Christmas Songs for you, here on this Christmas Morning, as we move along, on “The Morning Run”….
(Just Click On Below, and each video will be ready to go for you.)

1)Silent Night-The Temptations

2)O Little Town of Bethlehem-Elvis Presley

3)O Holy Night-David Phelps

4)Away in a Manger-Andy Griffith

5)Mary Did You Know?-Mark Lowry

6)The First Noel-Carrie Underwood

7)Joy to the World-Whitney Houston

8)O Come All Ye Faithful-Alan Jackson

9)Silver Bells-Andy Williams

10)Go Tell It On the Mountain-Lynda Randle

***********Bonus Tunes:***********
A)Snoopy’s Christmas-The Royal Guardsmen…I could listen to this one all day long…..

B)Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer-Elmo and Patsy

C)Merry Christmas in the NFL-Willis & Vigorish

I have you loaded up for Christmas 2020…..Lots of joy and cheer for you as we dig into our Top Ten….Hope you like it, and enjoy the program…..This is our best shot for you…..Merry Christmas and a Safe Holiday Season for you….We hope we can do it again next week for you, as we hit/enter 2021…..

Merry Christmas!!!!!