MIT & Stanford Grads mentor high-school kids in AI during the pandemic

Inspirit AI Launches Live Online Classes to Prepare High School Students for an AI-Powered Future

Established AI Summer Program taught by alumni and graduate students from Stanford and MIT launches an innovative online learning opportunity

Bay Area, CA,: Inspirit AI, a pre-college Artificial Intelligence education program developed and taught by alumni and graduate students from Stanford, is now offering AI Scholars Live Online, an experiential AI program delivered online through live video classes. Students receive personalized instruction online and learn and apply AI to a socially impactful project in a field of their interest such as healthcare, sustainability, robotics, and beyond. While summer plans for most students are uncertain given the global crisis, this is an exciting option for students to learn about this transformative technology from experienced mentors in a fun and flexible manner.

With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence technologies across every industry, AI education is more important than ever. Not only has AI already transformed industries from healthcare to transportation, arts and media, but it also holds exciting potential to address some of society’s biggest challenges, such as climate change, poverty, and the spread of disease. It is especially important for young people to begin learning AI skills and gaining an understanding of its widespread utility and complex implications. This will allow them to enrich their own academic and professional experiences while addressing the problems of the future in a more effective and responsible manner.

“These students are our future, and with the power of artificial intelligence, they will move our future in a positive direction,” said Artem Trotsyuk, an Inspirit AI instructor pursuing a PhD in bioengineering at Stanford, where he is working on combining AI and bioengineering tools to improve wound healing outcomes. Through the program, students work with mentors like Artem to build an AI project, hear about diverse research and career opportunities in AI, and work towards preparing for applying to Computer Science programs at leading colleges in the US.

AI Scholars Live Online is offered on weekends or weekdays with multiple options for dates and time slots. No programming experience is required and advanced batches are available for students with previous programming experience.

As a result of the unfortunate and disruptive circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, schools around the world have been forced to adapt to virtual teaching, and high school students have also had to reconsider their plans for the summer. This program offers an opportunity for students to participate in a fun and rewarding program from the comfort of their home this summer, gaining key skills and discovering novel ways to supercharge their passions using AI.


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The program runs for 10 sessions of 2.5 hours each on Saturdays and Sundays


Inspirit AI offers pre-college enrichment programs that expose curious high school students globally to AI. The program is developed and taught by alumni and graduate students from Stanford specializing in AI. Students learn fundamental AI concepts and receive guidance to build a socially impactful AI project in their field of interest such as healthcare, economics, transportation, and sustainability. Inspirit AI has worked with hundreds of students in India and Dubai and this summer is holding programs in the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, New York, and Singapore in addition to offering AI Scholars Live Online.

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