The Morning Run:Running Inside on “The Morning Run”(This week’s Top Ten List)

Nothing but Indoor Running, on today’s “Morning Run”…Get as much done as you can, but still no replacement for getting outside, and running all you can…

Too wet today, and maybe this afternoon will afford us the opportunity to get back outside and make some moves, that get the blood flowing faster again….

Sure as heck hoping to be able to get back out there in the pm…Not really any snow out there today to be seen, or to amount to anything, but there is some ice, and we have had plenty of rain this morning….

So, just run inside and get in as much work as you can…If you do something, that something, is better than nothing….

Making something out of “Nothing at All”….

Which brings us to some our musical selections on this morning’s show…

Let’s crank it up first with Air Supply and their tune which follows our theme today, of making something, out of nothing at all….

Here’s Air Supply, with “Making Love out of Nothing at all”….Must be pretty good, it has 154 million views…Check it out, and it gets us going, on “The Morning Run”

Billy Preston, next up on the list/charts for today, and he found out something, about nothing…“Nothing from Nothing, leaves Something”…Check out Billy, and you will see what he means, and what he is trying to say….

I guarantee you might think you have, but in reality, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”Bachman Turner Overdrive, here to tell us all about it….
BTO has your video to go, on “The Morning Run”…..

We have found out how “The Nothing Show” got started…Here are Jerry Seinfeld and George to breakdown “The Nothing Pitch” for us…

Our spiritual song of the day is, There ain’t nothing like my God….Translated to, “There’s No One Like Our God”…..Coming in from Lincoln Brewster…Be sure to check this one out, on “The Morning Run”…

Here’s our Top Ten for this week, and we have the Top Ten NFL Teams, as we head into Week One of the NFL playoffs…

Top Ten NFL Teams
1)Kansas City Chiefs(14-2)
2)Green Bay Packers(13-3)
3)Buffalo Bills(13-3)
4)New Orleans Saints(12-4)
5)Pittsburgh Steelers(12-4)
6)Seattle Seahawks(12-4)
7)Tennessee Titans(11-5)
8)Tampa Bay Buccaneers(11-5)
9)Indianapolis Colts(11-5)
10)Baltimore Ravens(11-5)

That’s it for this week, and hope to see you in here again next week, for “The Morning Run”…..