Former PWTorch Columnist Bruce Mitchell apologizes to the family of Jon Huber:You can now find Bruce at @BMitchellpw

Former Torch columnist Bruce Mitchell has provided us with a copy of his apology to the family of Jon Huber…Huber, the former AEW wrestler, who worked as Brodie Lee for All Elite Wrestling/AEW, and he worked as Luke Harper, for WWE…

Jon Huber died from a serious lung ailment, and Bruce Mitchell posted an article at and it later ran at, and this article posed questions about the possibility of the COVID-19 virus surrounding Huber’s death…

From all current accounts, COVID was not part of the cause of death for Jon Huber, and Bruce Mitchell has posted a formal apology at his new Twitter site, @BMitchellpw….Bruce Mitchell has allowed us to share that apology here with you today….
(We are in agreement, that this apology was necessary and it needed to be posted here, as well.)

Bruce Mitchell Apology to the family of Jon Huber:

Jon Huber’s death caused terrible pain for his wife Amanda, his two young sons, and all of those he worked with in the industry(wrestling)…..I can’t get around the fact that, despite my intentions and care, I added to that pain…..

I take responsibility for that, and I’m sorry for making it worse for Jon Huber’s family and friends. I hope Mrs. Huber can forgive me…….