Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools voting today to try and shut down all In-Person Sports until February 15/Update:Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools suspends high school sports until February 15(Volleyball and Cross Country can complete their seasons)

**********Update:Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools suspends high school sports until February 15(Volleyball and Cross Country can complete their seasons)**********

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools voting today to try and shut down all In-Person Sports until February 15……

Joe Sirera saying this….

Joe Sirera

**********Northwest Guilford Volleyball(Ardrey Kell) and WS Reynolds HS(Myers Park) are scheduled to play NCHSAA Class 4-A second-round matches tonight against Charlotte-Meck schools.**********


  1. All I can say is that I hope GCS stays the course and continues with what they are doing. It appears they are doing a good job. Be a Leader and not a follower as history shows.

    Dr. Benjamin from Duke explains it best in the second paragraph.

    MOUNT AIRY, N.C. —
    With public health measures and stringent policies in place, in-person learning does not lead to the spread of the coronavirus within schools, according to Duke University.

    This comes from a study done with data from school districts around the state, including several within the Triad.

    “Community transmission should not influence the decision as to whether or not schools open,” said Dr. Danny Benjamin, a professor of pediatrics at Duke University. “Schools opening is simply a question of leadership. If you have strong leadership, you open and you open safely. And if you have weak leadership, you either stay closed or you open and you infect a bunch of people.”

    Benjamin said the goal of the study was to understand if schools had the ability to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the schools for students and staff members as community transmission remained present in a district.

    He said the findings show that with public health measures including mask-wearing, distancing and hand hygiene, transmission of the virus within schools can be stopped.

    GCS stay the course and keep letting your ADs and Coaches follow protocols. They are doing an AWESOME job!!

  2. What a joke! If you really think high schools (both academic side & athletic side)can do a better job of following protocols versus college/pro teams that are constantly struggling, you have missed the boat and it has zero to do with good or bad leadership.
    When hospitals are overflowing and refrigerated trucks are brought in as temporary morgues, we might have a problem. There are currently over 100 basketball teams in North Carolina that are in COVID protocols. Watch any high school game and see how the “mask wearing” is going — check the N&R online pictures from the Dudley/Page game to get a good idea of what happens in most high school games (hard to play basketball in masks and it is not the players or coaches fault).
    In addition to COVID factors, many high schools are losing thousands of dollars from gate receipts that will take years to recover from. At some point the return on investment does not outweigh the risks and CMS has figured this out. Many great arguments can be made on both sides of the play/not play argument and it is terrible for the parents and especially the athletes if the opportunity to play is lost. However, I applaud them for having the guts to make a very difficult decision — something that the NCHSAA, our Governor, and many others have not been able to do. GCS AD’s and coaches have shown great tenacity in the face of all of this at it relates to athletics, but this is not just about athletics — it is much larger. Sometimes before you can be a leader, you have to learn to follow —

  3. DifferentOpinion you raise some good points especially the HS ability to sustain any of the protocols. GCS nchsaa does not have a nfl or nba size budget to handle this period. Many of the rules are just downright stupid. If we can’t allow a jumpball or after game handshakes why allow the games to be played? Why do mask if they wear it around their chins? Unlikely young players will get too sick but they may carry/spread to vulnerable compromised family members or neighbors when they go home. The test result numbers are not looking good right now. No easy answer but safety first always a good rule to follow.

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