The Morning Run:”King of the Road”(Top Ten List for this week)

Not a lot of time to write about the Morning Run here today, with basketball beginning to take the center stage….Got in The Morning Run today, and it got me thinking about a song, and this really came to my mind, back earlier in the week, and it has been with me now, for the past couple of days…

“King of the Road”….You have to be the “King of the Road” out there on the road, even though most of the people you see, driving by in their cars, they don’t even know who you are…

You still, and always will be, the“King of the Road” ….

It is imperative…..To survive out there on the road, in your mind, you have to be and always will be, “King of the Road”….
(I did see a little kid, about three years old, on his little bicycle this morning, and if he wants to be the “King of the Road” for a day or two, he can have at it.)

We have Roger Miller here with us in here today, and he has his song, and here it is….“King of the Road”….
CLICK ON BELOW, and let the video go….

Top Ten List for this week

Top Ten Extras for the Cold Weather

1)More shirts.
5)Layers of clothing…..
6)COVID mask……
7)Longer sleeves…….
8)A hat……..
9)Thicker shoes………
10)Deeper pockets to put your hands in………..