Watching Volleyball back on Saturday was an “Eye-Opening” experience:Those Northwest Guilford and Providence girls gave us a lesson in “Athletic Excellence”!!!!!

That was some kind of show they had for us back on Saturday at Northwest Guilford High School…It was a demonstration of “Athletic Excellence”….

I am talking about the volleyball game between Northwest Guilford and Providence High School, out of Charlotte….

We had basketball games planned to start up after the volleyball games, so I arrived early at NWG, and since I had some time on my hands waiting for the basketball to begin, I got to take in a major portion of the volleyball action…..

This one of the best exhibitions of athletic performance that I had witnessed in a long time…

I played a lot of volleyball back in my high school gym class, and I even coached a year of volleyball, back in my days in the teaching profession….

But, what I was exposed to back in those old days of volleyball, was nothing like what I saw back on Saturday….

We used to be able to score a point, only when we were serving…You had to rotate from one spot to the next and you had to do it in order, and you had to stay in your spot/position, and not go running all over the court….

Today, it is entirely different….You have highly-skilled players running around all over the place on the court…You do still have to stay on your side of the court, but you are working under conditions that I would compare to controlled chaos….

These girls are so skilled and they are so athletic…..They were, and are doing things that I had never seen before….

I really highly recommend that you get out there and check this out, the next time that you get a chance…..

To be totally honest, I had never seen/witnessed the “Bump, Set, Spike”, working like this before….

These girls are just Soooo athletic…

The serves, the spikes/kills, the digs, and the blocks….The blocks at the net are out of this world….It is almost Unreal, and you can’t believe it until you go see it…

These girls are pulling off and making athletic moves you don’t see every day…They are setting up for the kill coming from the sideline, right near the volleyball post…There is so much control and strategy, that you can’t take it all in by just watching one game…

I would have to say this sport and the girls that are playing it, are very underrated…There is just so much athleticism…The kids could not accomplish the moves and skills that that are doing, unless they were highly-skilled athletes…

In some sports we just run as hard and fast as we can go…Other sports, and more than one mind you, require us to merely put the ball, in the hole…In other sports and games, we must knock people down and run them over…

Volleyball requires highly-skilled athletes, that are doing things, all at one time, that you just don’t see in other sports…And the force they use when the players hit that volleyball??? I’m not sure the pure force can be measured…

Man, they hit that ball hard…..Have not seen anything that really compares to it before….This is a game of power….This game of high school volleyball, and it is played by players that have to know what they are doing, or they will get hurt….

We could give the high school basketball teams at least a little bit of a game, and the same for football, we could hang in there for a while…Softball, baseball, maybe an inning or two…Wrestling, able to hang…..Track and Cross Country, we will see you at the finish line…

But volleyball??? Not able to think about hanging with these volleyball girls….This game is not soft…This game is fast-paced and it is very hard…The ball is hard, and it is coming at you REAL FAST…….

Northwest Guilford coach Nancy Dorn Everett, has done a great job with her NWG Vikings team…You don’t want to go messing around with those Vikings, unless you have some sort of pro volleyball experience…

Here’s her team from Northwest and congrats to them on their (16-2) season….Sure enjoyed what they were teaching me/us back on Saturday…..
Elle Thigpen
Sofia Ortega-Utiacho
Natalie Quinlan
Zoe Whisnant
Avery Dole
Kamryn Pegram
Amelia Hammond
Olivia Burcham
Morgan Lowman
Grace Austin
Julia Humphrey
Grace Hammond
Halle Barham
Summer Bethea