KC Chiefs coach Andy Reid fooled everybody, even Tony Romo, on a BIG fourth-down play

Andy Reid fooled even Tony Romo on Chiefs’ big fourth-down play
from www.yardbarker.com

One of the reasons Tony Romo is so good at his job is that he always seems to know which play is coming, but even he was fooled when the Kansas City Chiefs sealed their win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

With Chad Henne in at quarterback for an injured Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid decided to go for it on fourth-and-inches rather than giving the ball back to the Browns. Romo and many others thought Kansas City was just going to try to get Cleveland to jump, call timeout and punt. Before the ball was snapped, Romo said he could tell by the body language of Chiefs players that there was not going to be a play.

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