Looking back at Tuesday Night High School Basketball Games and Teams

You can go back and check out the Dudley at Smith games now, on GreensboroSports Radio

The games are playing back now, with interviews from coaches Frank McNeil(Dudley HS) and with Derrick Partee(Smith High School)…

We also have the young man that hit the game-clinching shots for Smith, Maurice Hines…You will also hear from News and Record high school sportswriter, Joe Sirera…

Check it all out now, on GreensboroSports Radio…Free audio, and it’s like a podcast and you can listen in now, at GreensboroSports Radio

And what about those three kids from Smith??? Maurice Hines, Nashun Hale, and Markquan Gilbert….Those three are doing some big and important things for Smith, and those three are going to be good ones…

What about the Big Three for Dudley??? Diamond Monroe, Mariah Frazier, and Quinzia Fulmore…And you can add Marissa Wooten to that group, and Dudley has many more good ones, to around with them…Powe, Washington, Howie, Underwood, and you can keep on going…

Dudley #1 girls team in Guilford County??? Panthers(5-0) and on the go…NWG(5-0), NG(4-1), SEG(3-1), and on you go…

Boys, hearing all kinds of talk for #1….Page, Northern Guilford, Eastern Guilford, Grimsley, Northwest Guilford, Smith, Dudley…Is that your Top 7 for the public schools??? And among Page, NG, EG, Grimsley, who is your outright #1 team????


  1. Girls it’s Dudley and thien everyone else!
    Boys Eastern Guilford and Northern Guilford top 2 team.
    Then I think it’s Page, Grimsley, Smith, Dudley, Southwest. End of year Smith might be the 3rd team they got some ones over there by playoff time will be ready.

  2. Top Three and we will probably have to come back with some kind of order after Friday night’s games…

    Top Three
    Page(4-0), Eastern Guilford(3-0), Northern Guilford(5-0)
    next group
    Northwest Guilford(3-1)
    Ragsdale(3-2)….Ragsdale defeated Southwest and took Grimsley to OT..
    Southwest Guilford(4-1)
    Southern Guilford(2-2)…SG played Southeast last night/Tuesday, but no report at MaxPreps…

    Northwest Guilford(5-0)
    Northern Guilford(4-1)
    Southeast Guilford(2-1)
    Southwest Guilford(3-1)
    Ragsdale(4-1)…Southwest beat Ragsdale
    High Point Andrews(2-1)
    Northeast Guilford(1-4)

  3. Dudley is loaded, yes. But beating Smith 91 to 9 is classless. Sad.
    Didn’t Frazier and Monroe play for Ragsdale the past two years? What’s up with that? Can Guilford students transfer wherever they want now?

  4. It’s unfortunate that the score was 91-9 their really wasn’t a 2nd half as looking at the live stream the clock didn’t stop on timeouts so it basically ran 16 minutes nonstop 2nd half. I commend Smith for their willingness to even want to have a season, they showed up and did what they could, I’m glad they were able to step on the court and have fun, they did not stop playing even being down with only 9 points they played to the end. I can’t speak for other people kids however that’s none of your business kids transfer all the time for various reasons and Guilford County has rules and regulations that apparently are being followed and their situation is none of yours or anyone else concern. The world will be a better place if people mind their business and only speak on things that concerns them. Hoopsjunkie if it’s bothering you reach out to the parents and see if they want to share with you why their children transferred. Let me know how that work out for you…Have a Blessed Day

  5. Dudley did all that they could to keep the score down vs. Smith….Dudley did not shoot the ball the last four minutes of the game…

    Dudley could have kept on running it up, but they chose not to do so….

    Dudley could have easily scored 150 points, but they made sure the score would not go to 100 points…Some teams might have seen the chance to hit the century mark, but Dudley would not do that…

    You can’t tell kids not to score and not to play hard…Dudley only passed the ball around and ran a motion offense the last minutes of the game…

    Dudley had one kid and I think she is a sophomore, lead them in scoring…

    Diamond Monroe and Mariah Frazier played very little for Dudley in the 4th quarter….

    The kids that came over to Dudley came on their own and with the direction of their families, the Dudley girls coach did not go get them…

    It is not the best process in the world, but it happens every year/season…Happens with both boys and girls basketball, and with football…..

    Saw a game last Saturday afternoon, at Northwest Guilford, where Southeast Guilford had a kid playing for them that used to be at Page…The kid is doing good things for SEG…The move might have ended up helping both teams(SEG and Page)…

    It is hard to keep everybody happy….Almost impossible….

    On that other note, I wasn’t aware that Ragsdale and Southwest had already played twice…

  6. The kid from Page should have got PT last year so he made the best move for his game. If he was at Page and they played him they might would have been the best team in the County this season. Page not scoring a lot of points he could definitely help them.

  7. Have to disagree, Andy. No way any of your starters should even play the second half of a game you are already up by 50 plus… I have watched Southeast and Ragsdale over the past few years only play their bottom five in blow out games so as not to be disrespectful to the other team’s players and the game. I know AAU has changed this mindset, but it is the game that suffers, especially with girls teams.

    When is Guilford County going to wake up and open up enrollment? Forsyth, Mecklenburg, and Wake all have it. For our schools to be hampered this way is truly unfair.

  8. Grimsley girls are too low. When playing their best they can hang with Northwest Guilford and Ragsdale. The freshman duo who if I’m not mistaken led Kiser last year in Jordan Britt and Nadia von continue to do well and will be a big factor in Grimsley success in the future.

  9. Absolutely no excuse for beating a team 91-9. You can absolutely explain to your team the reason you are taking the foot off the pedal- its called sportsmanship!!

  10. I actually think GC does pretty good even without open enrollment. If it becomes open enrollment the same teams getting beat up on will still happen.

  11. wow they should have just gave Dudley the win and turn the scoreboard off for the rest of the game. Mark it as a 50-20 win.

  12. Well from Dudley’s standpoint, they were giving their starters some second half playing time and maybe in part, due to Dudley only having one game this week..

    Dudley’s game on Friday vs. Mount Tabor has been postponed due to COVID on Mount Tabor…Dudley also didn’t play the starters together at all times when they played in the second…They would mix maybe one starter with four reserves…

    Hard to get much work done when you only have one game in a week…

    Smith scores so far this season…

    Page 76, Smith 13…Grimsley 76, Smith 8…Triad Math and Science 47, Smith 9…Dudley 91, Smith 9….
    (Dudley is a lot better than all of those teams.)

    Dudley beat Grimsley 68-31 and defeated Page, 62-35…Dudley vs. Triad Math and Science??? I don’t think it would be anywhere close at all…

    I do remember that Grimsley backcourt from over at Kiser, last year…Wonder if the Britt kid is related to the Britt guard that used to be over at the Greensboro Day School…..

  13. There is no excuse for the Smith girls to be this bad. It was the same way last year. Please make some changes there is no excuse for this.

  14. For the ones BASHING DUDLEY GIRLS for the score. I don’t call scoring only 11pts in the 3rd and 4pts in 4th trying to run the score up. Especially after you just scored 41pts in the 2nd. Like Andy said if they wanted to they could have got 140+ easy! All the girls played and scored! Then about Monroe & Frazier. Monroe came from Dudley and transferred to Ragsdale. She wanted to finish her Senior year back where she went came from. I’m not sure about Frazier but I think she was on Dudley’s JV squad like Monroe. A lot of those Girls on the Ragsdale Team of the last two years joined forces because of their AAU Team that was coached by Ragsdale Coach. That AAU TEAM HAD MONROE & FRAZIER ON IT! But like I said They started at Dudley first! SO STOP WITH THE DUDLEY IS CLASSLESS STUFF!!! Just like Andy said Page, Grimsley and TMS scored and kept Smith under 14 pts!!!

  15. For the record I am not bashing dudley. It is what it is. My only suggestion was to turn the scoreboard off. They could have kept doing the stats book.
    I’d never tell a parent where to send their child. Free country so parents can do what is best for theirs.

  16. Smith top players are sophomores they got a chance to make some noise over the next two years. They are a lot better now than most people would have thought.

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