“The Morning Run”, going ‘Step-by-Step'(Top Ten List for this week)

When take off on another try this out Morning Run, all you can do is go ‘Step-by-Step’…..It is all part of a master plan, and you have to be able to see the long-term platform…
(We are going 4-5 miles every day, come join us, on http://iggygarcia.com/?m=201601 “The Morning Run”.)

Today was a good day, but one of those days, when you have a lot on your mind…HS hoops games, and who is playing and who is not playing tonight…Has COVID wiped out any programs???

But you can get it all done, and you can make it back home from another http://vantagehsi.com/?gb=1 Morning Run, when you take it all, Epe ‘Step-by-Step’….You have a determined mile course you need to run, to get the job done, and it will all come together, in a good way, when you take it all in, ‘Step-by Step’

A good run this morning, but boy was it busy when I got in here, and got this computer turned on…

Hank Aaron has died…Jenifer King is now an assistant coach for The Washington Football Team, John Horshok and Gene Banks are working in athletics for Gaston College, and we have tons of high school basketball changes for today….

But you have to take it all in, ‘Step-by-Step’….

Step-by-Step by Eddie Rabbit…CLICK ON…

And there’s Step-by-Step, from Whitney Houston….CLICK ON…

Then you have Step-that-Step with Sawyer Brown…CLICK ON…

Step-by-Step Oh Gentle Savior, Do Not Pass Me By….Bill Gaither Video…CLICK ON…

Steppin’ Out, from Kool and The Gang….CLICK ON…

Stepping Out in Faith, The Jim Brady Trio….CLICK ON…

Now let’s step into our Top Ten List for this week….

Top Ten Running Snack Foods
1)Granola Bars…Chocolate Chip
2)Granola Bars…Honey and Oats
3)Granola Bars…Peanut Butter
10)A piece of Peppermint Candy

That’s it for this week, and now let’s go have a tomato, and get ready for our next five mile run…We’ll see you all in here again next week….