Philip Rivers can throw a football and he can shoot a basketball too…Rivers hits 97-100 free throws daily, and 946-1000 weekly!!!


After 17 years in the NFL, Philip Rivers decided to hang up his cleats last week. However, we’re still hearing about some pretty awesome stories related to Rivers’ time with the Indianapolis Colts.

Indy head coach Frank Reich detailed Rivers’ athleticism and competitiveness in a story by NBC Sports. His talents stretched beyond the football field and onto the basketball court.

“A bunch of us were talking free-throw shooting. Philip said, ‘I’m over 90 percent.’ We’re all like, ‘No way.’ So we made a wager: shoot 100 free throws, and he had to make at least 80,” Reich said. “He went out there on the hoop we had at camp, and he made 97. We were blown away. But that wasn’t enough. He figured, ‘I’ll show you.’ Those guys went out there 10 straight days to shoot free throws, 100 a day. And he made, like, 946 out of 1,000. He didn’t even have to do that—he already won the bet. But that’s Philip.”

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