Our Interview with Jadyn Murray, senior post player for the Northwest Guilford girls basketball team

Jadyn Murray, a senior post player, for the Northwest Guilford High School basketball team, coached by Haley Hackett, had quite the ball game on Tuesday night, vs. the Ragsdale Tigers….

Jadyn Murray scored 22 points for the Northwest Guilford Vikings, and she produced the 22 points on 11 two-point shots, and she hit nearly every shot she took, around the basket, and being an inside post position player, most all of her shots come from near the bucket/basket…I bet she hit somewhere around 11 of 15 shots on Tuesday evening, she did not miss many….

Murray told us today/Wednesday, that she was ready for Ragsdale on Tuesday….Jadyn told us that she had pancakes for breakfast on Tuesday morning and that she had a Chick-fil-A sandwich prior to the game…
(Got to have that Chick-fil-A sandwich, before every game.)

We asked Jadyn Murray what her approach was prior to the game(vs. Ragsdale)???
I wanted what was best for our team…I wanted our 1-9 players to be ready to play their best…This may be our toughest conference opponent, and we needed to be ready, and I think we were…I wanted to focus on boxing out on the boards, and being strong on my rebounds….I also wanted to go up strong on my shots….

Did you get more confident as the game wore on???
I did get more confident as the game wore on, because our defense was playing its best, from the very start of the game…Halfway through the first quarter, I began to realize that this game was going to be one of our better defensive efforts…Our defense was playing its best defense, and the end of the first quarter score, plays that out….End of first quarter score was Northwest Guilford 6, Ragsdale 1…Both teams were battling hard on the defensive end, in the first quarter..
(Final score:Northwest Guilford 53, Ragsdale 32)

Your defense against Ragsdale, how would you describe it…Tells about Jadyn Murray on defense???
I had to make sure I didn’t play behind their big post players and make sure I didn’t let them back me down…I had to play them straight up and avoid fouls…I knew what they had in Maros(#50) and Atwater(#44)…I knew going in that they were very tough, but I felt like I was ready for the challenge, and my teammates were too….

Being the next Big at Northwest Guilford, how you attack that responsibility??? Over the years there’s been Alyssa Munson, Morgan Pointer, and most recently we saw Elizabeth Kitley and Megan Harkey, manning the post and getting big for Northwest….
This has been a high-level responsibility…I learned a lot from Liz and Megan…I went up against them in practice and they helped me develop my game, and helped me become a better and more talented player….You have to be strong and you can’t layout, you have to go all-out….My build is physical and I play strong, not as tall as Kitley(Liz), or Harkey(Megan), but I am working to be more mobile than the other post players in our conference….

What would be the Senior Statement that you would like to make??? It is your last year, and how do you go after it?
I want to play all-out every single game, and play each and every game like it is my last game, and with the Pandemic/COVID-19, you never know….Our team is a solid unit, and we have a cohesive group of seniors on our team…Shaena Riddles, Riley McCall, Anniston Greene and me….We have worked hard over the years, and we are working well together this season…

**********With the Pandemic/COVID-19 we are missing some of the key moments of our senior year in high school….We are missing key senior year activities, such as the Fall football games, Homecoming, Spirit Week, and we might miss The Prom….I really did miss those Friday night football games in the Fall…They were a lot of fun to attend with my friends….**********

Jadyn Murray tells she will be attending Johns Hopkins University next Fall, and she plans to be on a pre-med track, and her study focus will be on a major in chemistry or psychology….

Maybe something you didn’t know about Jadyn Murray…..Jadyn wears goggles when she is playing basketball, but the rest of the time, she is wearing contact lenses….The goggles are a big part of her game…The contact lenses are a great change/alternative from wearing the goggles….

That concludes our talk with Jadyn Murray(Northwest Guilford HS), and it was time well spent today/Wednesday…..