Here are some interesting ways to improve/change the overall product of Major League Baseball:Get rid of NL and AL, have Robot Umpires, DH in all of baseball, how about a “Mercy Rule”???

One 30-team league, robot umps and ‘mercy’: 20 bold ideas to save MLB
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Major League Baseball is ill.

A sign-stealing scandal is rocking the sport. Younger fans are tuning out. Attendance is in a downward spiral. Once “America’s Pastime,” MLB is more regionalized each year.

Commissioner Rob Manfred is the man entrusted to breathe life into this sick patient, but are you inspired by his handling of the Astros mess? That’s why Dr. Mueller is here for you. Here are 20 bold ideas for the 2020s to significantly improve the on-field product and fan experience. I don’t dispense free beer; just common sense.

Ideas like:
No divisions. No American or National leagues. Lump all teams into one 30-team league that plays as close to a balanced schedule as possible, with geographic rivals playing with slightly greater frequency.

It may hurt umpires’ feelings, but …
it’s time to have computer technology for calling balls and strikes. Yes, it’s time for robot umpires. Human error is part of the charm of sports for some; a cause for fury among others.

Finally, a universal DH!

Show some mercy
Down 10 runs at the start of the seventh? Congratulations, you lose!

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