The Morning Run:Running Down the Road thinking about Morning Radio Shows(Our Top Ten Morning Radio Shows for this week)[Blast from the Past]

Back out there on the road this morning for “The Morning Run”….Chilly, but not really all that COLD this morning…Got in a good workout/run and it was made more enjoyable, as I got to thinking about those morning radio shows from the past, here in the Triad area….

To get the radio topic going let’s kick it off with “Raised on the Radio”…from The Ravyns….

To really get the radio going, you have to turn the radio on…Turn the Radio On, from Ray Stevens

Back in the day, it was all about the AM RADIO…Here’s Everclear with AM RADIO….

For some people, all of the AM RADIO stuff was just a Rock n Roll Fantasy…Bad Company, with Rock n Roll Fantasy….

Another great song for us for this week…Mountain Top for Me, from the Crabb Family….Spiritual tune of the Week…Also check out version #2 from the Crabb Family piano man….

Now it’s time to bring on our Top Ten Radio Shows from the past
(They were “The Bomb” back in the day.)

1)The Dusty Dunn Show-1470 and 1400 AM
Dusty Dunn theme song:

2)The Bob Poole Show-1470 AM
Bob Poole theme song:

3)Dan Quinn Show-1470 AM
Dan Quinn theme song:

4)Tom Miller Show-1400 AM
5)Matt and TJ Show-1320 AM
6)Bill Flynn Show-WMAG/MAGIC Radio 99.5 FM
7)Wes and Willie Show-99.1 FM WRQK
8)Aunt Eloise Good Morning Show with Big Paul Franklin, Billy Buck, and Dale Mitchell on WTQR/104.1 FM
9)Max and Pam McGann on B100 FM
10)Brad Krantz on ROCK 92
Brad Krantz theme song:

(And there you have it, your Morning Radio Show Top Ten from the past.)

Syndicated shows….
Tom Joyner on 97.1 FM
John Boy and Billy on ROCK 92
Bob and Sherri Show on 98.7 FM
Bob and Tom on 94.5 FM

Outside the Box Shows
Dave Compton on WPET 950 AM
Joseph Level on WEAL 1510 AM
Glenn Scott Show on WSJS 600 AM
Max Meeks Show on WMFR 1230 AM

That should have our topic covered for today…ADIOS ON MY AM RADIO!!!!!!