The Lights are ON but nobody is allowed to come IN!!!: UNCG, PLEASE let the fans come in for Baseball Games!!!!/UNCG responding/reacts to our Plea:2 tickets per athlete for family members coming up in March and going forward!!!!!

++++++++++Update:NO fans for any of the UNCG Spring sports in February….2 tickets per athlete for family members coming up in March and going forward….++++++++++

NO Spectators will be allowed to attend UNCG Baseball games this season…..

**********Here is the word we received last week, and unless there is some sort of change in policy, we will keep on printing this post, until the UNCG baseball fans are set free, and some are allowed to attend UNCG Spartans baseball games…..**********

UNCG has decided NO spectators will be allowed at the outdoor baseball stadium.

Strangely, this same administration has allowed up to 2 parents per athlete to attend the men’s and women’s basketball games….Basketball games that are held indoors at UNCG or the Greensboro Coliseum.

The UNCG group of parents are scratching their heads as to why baseball has been is being treated differently. An outside venue?

++++++++++Come on, we need to see UNCG lift this BAN and let SOME fans attend the baseball games this season….++++++++++


  1. Parents really want to get in to see their kids play baseball at UNCG…If only one parent a game can get in, at least that would be a start, headed in the right direction…

    One member per family per game at a reasonable ticket price does not seem to be too much to ask for….

    Any thoughts???

  2. It makes it look like basketball is getting or being shown favoritism over baseball…

    If you let some fans in for basketball,(and it is indoors), why can’t you let in some fans for baseball, and it’s being played out-of-doors….

  3. This is so ridiculous. There is PLENTY of space to social distance at their facility for parents only. Let alone it is an outside event. This is a Ridiculous decision.

  4. We are now starting to see some slight changes, after our Plea to UNCG….

    **********2 tickets per athlete for family members coming up in March and going forward**********

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