The Morning Run:It’s a Long, Long Road(This week’s Top Ten)

It is a long, long road out there, and you never know which way it is going to go next….You run all week and the weather is OK, and then you hit a day like today, where the weather is very uncooperative…But you do the best the you can to keep on going on, because by now, after all this years, you know it really is a LONG, LONG Road….

You just have to keep your head up and your eyes on the prize, and soon you will be back home….Inside, outside, all around the roads and beyond, it is a long, long road

And time for us to get on that road here today….

Dan Hill to get us going this morning with his tune, It’s A Long Road…CLICK ON Below…
(Sometimes, you have to climb a few hills on that Long Road.)

Many times you just have to, “Take the Long Way Home”…Here is Supertramp with that tune….Taking the Long Way Home..CLICK ON..

Next up is Garth Emery, the brother of Bob Emory, taking the Long Way Home…CLICK ON BELOW for the video show..

The road is long, with many a winding turn, but just remember, “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother”The Hollies here for you on the Road is Long….Click On and get started…

Oft times if you get a little tired or running by foot, you might want to catch that Long Train Running…The Doobie Brothers have it for you here today…CLICK ON BELOW…

And we need to remember and study what Vickie Winans has for us today….LONG as I’ve got King Jesus…A good one us today, on our spiritual focus…As Long as I’ve got King Jesus…A great spiritual tune for us today…Click On Below for the video…

Our Top Ten for this week is based on cereals…We had our Top Ten Cereals up here a few weeks ago, but today, I wanted to highlight what I saw in the grocery store the other night…I was in the cereal section of the store, and I must have counted 15 different types of Cheerios….Fifteen different types of Cheerios….

Here is our Top Ten List of Cheerios cereals today…..
1)Regular Cheerios/Original Cheerios
2)Honey Nut Cheerios
3)Chocolate Cheerios
4)Blueberry Cheerios
5)Cinnamon Cheerios
6)Toasted Coconut Cheerios
7)Maple Cheerios
8)Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
9)Fruity Cheerios
10)Pumpkin Spice Cheerios

***********Well, that’s it for our Morning Run Show for this week…We will load up the wheelbarrow and bring it all back and do it again next week…At least we hope to be back in here with you again next week…And until next time, Take care and talk to you soon…..***********
(Don’t forget to check out our videos, when you Click On above and below.)