High School Basketball and Football Tonight for 2/19/2021:Northwest Guilford Girls at Ragsdale playing Tonight on GreensboroSports Radio

Tonight at 6pm, it will be the Northwest Guilford girls basketball team(11-1) at Ragsdale(11-2)…Game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio….Pregame will start at around 5:45, from Ragsdale High School, in Jamestown, N.C., and you can hear this game on GreensboroSports Radio….This game will decide who will be the #1 girls seed from the Metro 4-A Conference, as both NWG and Ragsdale finished the regular season, tied at (7-1) in the Metro 4-A…Game tonight, right here on GreensboroSports Radio….

**********High School Football Scrimmages for today/Friday….***********

Southeast Guilford vs. Page was scheduled for Thursday, and here’s looking at Southeast Guilford vs. Page happening today/Friday…
(Previous start time for SEG vs. Page was 6pm.)…We are hearing on Friday afternoon, that Page will be at Southeast Guilford this afternoon….

Northern Guilford vs. Northwest Guilford…This one is due to go down today, but not sure of the location….

Dudley at East Forsyth…This one is due up for today/Friday, but some of the insiders are saying they think it might get moved to Saturday morning….They really want to get this one, due to the need for full contact, prior to Game One, next Friday night…

NCISAA State Basketball Tournament:
Cary Christian girls(7-9) at High Point Christian Academy(19-2) 3-A
Wesleyan Christian Academy girls(9-9) at North Raleigh Christian(16-1) 4-A
Greensboro Day School girls(15-5) at Raleigh Ravenscroft(12-6) 4-A

Cary Christian boys(17-4) at High Point Christian Academy(15-9) 3-A
Durham Academy boys(12-7) at Greensboro Day School(23-5) 4-A
Raleigh Ravenscroft boys(12-4) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(8-10) 4-A


  1. Dudley vs East Forsyth is still on. The game will be played in Davie county high school old field. Its turf.

  2. Dudley East Forsyth went down. I watched it on streaming Live from East Forsyth fans. East looks pretty good on offense and defense considering they lost 5 D1 players. Their D gave up 1 TD on a play where the East DB came up with the ball and they both looked to be 5 yards out of bounds. I think Dudley defense gave up 2 or 3 TDs. Looks like East has another stud at QB who’s a sophomore. He made some bad decisions at times but can still sling it. Dudley has some big oline men and physical RBs. Their TE is HUGE and our WRs are some of the best in the Triad. All in all good game from East Forsyth. They bring it and are well coached. Their head coach is one of the best and from what I hear he has kept that staff together for 10 years pr so. Also When, When Dudley put in the JV players scored of East JV. Now hopefully Roy Cooper will allow fans in thr stands. AMERICANS are responsible and we do pretty good with Freedom. Let the Fans in and do the right thing. Especially the parents! Glad these kids get a chance to play.

  3. Dudley coaching staff, with Coach Steven Davis at the helm, has been banding together for a good while too, and the current Dudley coaches, led by head coach Steven Davis, have a lot of experience under their belts…

    Coach Davis
    Coach Antonio Hall
    Coach Brandon Anderson
    Coach Pat Neal
    Coach DeNorris Best
    Coach Richard Powell
    and others…The only coach/assistant football coach Dudley has lost in recent years is Coach Mac..Coach Curtis McMillan..He retired and I think he went back down east to take care of him mom, or his parents…Good man, and hard to replace…I’m not really sure if you can replace him, he was so tough and yet still fair with all of the Panther players…He had a tight bond with the entire team, coaches and players…But, Dudley has carried on…They sure miss him, but they have found ways to persevere….

  4. Hey Really, If you don’t enjoy Freedom and people having Freedom there are plenty of countries that dont allow it. China or North Korea will gladly tell you what to think and do 24/7. maybe you should try it and let us know what you think

  5. @Dudley like it or not freedom comes with guidelines. Many Americans proved that they can’t be trusted to follow the guidelines. Just say’n. If you give your kid the family car and tell them only one passenger and you see them with a full vehicle you might not be be as comfortable giving them the car again……….

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