NCHSAA Basketball Playoffs Finalized Brackets are in and ready for your review

CLICK HERE for the Men’s Finalized NCHSAA Basketball Playoff Brackets….
Eastern Guilford, Northern Guilford, Dudley, Page and Grimsley boys/men are in…

CLICK HERE for the Women’s Finalized NCHSAA Basketball Playoff Brackets….
Southeast Guilford, Northern Guilford, Dudley, Southwest Guilford, Northwest Guilford and Ragsdale women are in….

**********A couple of notable omissions are the Smith boys and the High Point Andrews girls….***********


  1. I am shocked that Smith Boys at 9-4 didn’t get at least a Wildcard. Being that they and Dudley tied for 2nd, they both should have got in. Then Burlington Williams Girls at 9-3 didn’t get in Even though they split with Southeast Guilford and tied for 2nd at 4-2. Southeast was 6-5, but got a bid.

    Somebody told me that I shouldn’t pat attention to Maxpreps Ratings and they were right. Dudley Girls finished #4 after going 11-0, fell after not playing games due the virus with MT TABOR, & SW….Now are a #7 seed with one Home Game. They will be traveling to the Asheville region if they get pass Char Catholic to head to Enka, then maybe Cuthberston near Charlotte. 2A Reidsville Boys lose one game to 3A Dudley to finish 10-1, but is a #5 Seed.

    know you still have to play and strap up no matter what, but for some teams heading to Charlotte, Asheville or Other Mountain Region Schools on a 2-3.5 hour Bus Ride ONE WAY IS SOMETHING! Use it as motivation and take it out on those schools. Good Luck to the Guilford Schools!!!

  2. I would really like to see the formulas or criteria the NCHSAA uses to seed some of these teams. I mean you have a 14-0 Northern Guilford boys team and they get seeded #10. Then you look through some of the seeds and in 2A boys you have someone like Farmville Central who is undefeated technically defending sate champ from 2019 and co-champ 2020 is seeded as a #9.

    Who knows?

    Also, agree with Perry and could not have said that any better.

  3. There is no “formula” for seeding this year. It’s a random draw. The NCHSAA put all the conference champions in a pot and drew for seedings, regardless of record. Then they did second-place teams, if the conference got two automatic bids. If the conference didn’t (see Dudley and Smith boys), both were wild cards and it was another random draw until they filled the brackets, which are half the usual size this year.

    It stinks for a lot of teams, but it’s what the NCHSAA said it was going to do because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some teams (Mid-State 3-A) couldn’t play non-conference games because of the 14-game limit, so strength of schedule doesn’t really work when you don’t control your schedule.

    If you think this was bad, just wait until they seed the football playoffs. Most teams aren’t going to get in all seven games for one reason or another (COVID, weather) and it’s going to be an even bigger mess than basketball.

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