The Morning Run:Run or Walk, Torn between Two Things you need to do/love to do:This week’s Top Ten coming at you again!!!!!

Torn Between Two Lovers, feeling like a fool, loving both of you is breaking all the rules….I love the running and I love the walking, but some days it is hard to do both, and some days it is tough, to do even one of these activities…

Got the workout in this morning, on “The Morning Run”, but I feel more like walking these days, since I have a torn calf muscle that is tearing me up…

The calf muscle pain feels like a bee is stinging you in the back of you leg, and the pain gets worse the longer you keep running on it…I don’t like to start out running and then stop and start walking, but some days, you have to make that decision…It will be better to be walking than running…The pain needs a break, and your calf needs a rest period….You have to go ahead and draw a line, and find some plausible way to continuing your workouts…You really do need to keep on moving….

You really are torn between to lovers, running and walking….

Mary MacGregor has the song all line up for us, and it is right on the money….“Torn Between Two Lovers”

You almost feel like you could use some Good Luck…I was looking and thinking about a Four-Leaf Clover this morning…And we have for you, lined up right now, the best version of “I’m Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover”, that I have ever seen or heard…Here you go and here is Chevy Chase, singing, “I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover”…You have to do it, just Click On Below, and let it all go, and you never know how far this video could GO…

It really might be time to get down on the Boulevard and find out which way this whole plan is going now..Here is Jackson Browne with Boulevard….
CLICK ON BELOW for the video…

You stop and think about it, your best overall move, is to just “Moving On”….Here’s our good friend from the past, Merle Haggard, with “Moving On”….Click on Below, and let the video go….

For our gospel/spiritual tune/song for this week, we have “Set Your House in Order”, and this tune/song is coming in from Gordon Mote and the Oak Ridge Boys…We think you will love this five-part harmony….Check it all out when you CLICK ON BELOW…

Our Top Ten this week, is a High School Football Top Ten for the first week of the Spring Season in 2021….

High School Football Top Ten
2)Grimsley…Dudley has played one game, and Grimsley has not played a game at this press time…
3)Southeast Guilford
4)Northwest Guilford
5)Eastern Guilford
6)Southern Guilford
7)Southwest Guilford
8)High Point Andrews
9)Northern Guilford

And there you go, that is our show for this week, and we have given you another strong effort here on this Friday…Enjoy the videos and watch them more than once if it works for you….This is our Friday Show, and this concludes another edition of, “The Morning Run”…..Have a great week and we hope to see you right in here again next week on, The Morning Run….