High School Football for Tonight/Friday Night with Southeast Guilford at Dudley playing on GreensboroSports Radio(7pm)

Friday Night Football…Looking at 7pm and 7:30 kickoffs for this week…
Southeast Guilford(1-0) at Dudley(1-0)…..7pm kickoff here….
This game coming your way tonight on GreensboroSports Radio….Pregame at 6:30pm and kickoff coming at 7pm on GreensboroSports Radio….Dudley with Jahmier Slade at QB, Milan Summers at RB, Mehki Wall at WR/KR, JonCarlos Miller II at TE, and a host of other key Dudley players…Big O-Line for Dudley and guys like Jahree Braswell and Steven Davis II back there in the defensive secondary/Christian Lane a big force on the D-line for Dudley….Zion Fleming at QB for SEG, with Jaylen Fairley and Derron McQuitty, the key RB’s….Vaughn Neal is a key lineman for Southeast Guilford….Again, this game will be ready for you tonight, on GreensboroSports Radio…Pregame at 6:30pm….Kickoff at 7…..

Grimsley(1-0) at East Forsyth(0-1)
Grimsley lost twice by two points to East Forsyth back in the Fall of 2019, and Grimsley has been waiting for this chance to get another shot at East Forsyth for a long time….Grimsley with Alonza Barnett at QB, and runners like Melton and Allison, plus a receiving corp that features Tuthu, Curtain, Albright and others…Can’t forget ole Big Travis Shaw, up front on defense, and he might get a shot at a ‘Refrigerator Perry” run on goal line situations….Burnette and others will spark the rest of defense….

Northwest Guilford(1-0) at Western Guilford(0-1)
Carson Cassetty with five TD runs in the first half vs. Smith last Thursday night and not so sure that he won’t have a chance to get five more TD’s this week, if his legs are ready and willing….Better have your focus on #8 if you are a Western Guilford Hornet playing on defense…..Salmon at QB and Cloud at WR can burn you too, and if I had to pinpoint what might be the most dangerous part of that NWG machine, if might just be the offensive line that Cassetty is running behind….And they are, Perry, Green, Lingle, Kota and Turner….’Little Walter Turner’, at 6’2/300 playing at right tackle, on the O-line…NWG with Xavier Simmons, a 6’3/220 pound LB spearheading the defense, and watch out for Cam Carter on offense, and Bristol Carter on defense…Don’t know much about WG yet, but we have sure given the WG Hornets a good scouting report on the NWG Vikings….We saw the Vikings live last week, at Roscoe Billings Stadium…I knew Billings’ sons back in the day, Randy and Terry….I have known a lot of people from around Guilford County over the years….I remember playing for WG vs. NWG back in the day, and we never lost to them(4-0)…I could get you 20 tackles per game back then, 10 clean and 10 on late hits, but the coach always said, “Every Man to the Football”, and it was always good to hear them call out your name on the loudspeaker/PA system….Those late hits were maybe more like five, instead of ten, at least that is how I saw it/heard it…The refs often had a different story to tell….Another old saying from our defensive coach was, “Hit anything that moves”……Sometimes that meant referees too, and that’s pretty much a true story, even though we maybe should have laid off on them, they were just doing their job….But how could I be in the wrong here, they were the ones wearing the striped shirts……

Page(0-1) at West Forsyth(1-0)
Page has some real work to do after last week’s loss at Dudley, but it can be done….I was with Page coach Doug Robertson, back in the day when he was coaching the Eastern Guilford Wildcats, and we had a great run back then…Beat current ECU QB Holton Ahlers one Friday night, then went down to Clayton and beat Devin Carter(N.C. State) and the Clayton Comets, the next Friday night, and then the bus ran out on us when we hit Wilmington the following Friday night….Page Pirates just need some kind of spark to get them going…Who is it going to be??? Time for somebody to step up….

Northeast Guilford(0-1) at Northern Guilford(1-0)
Will Lenard was named one of the top two quarterbacks in the state this week by one publication and don’t be surprised to see Lenard get it going against the NEG Rams on this Friday night…Lenard is the key, and he is the top QB, at NG….For NEG, lots of room for improvement, after last week’s loss to Eastern Alamance…

High Point Andrews(1-0) vs. High Point Central(0-0)….At Simeon Stadium, in High Point…
Have to favor Andrews in this Battle of the Point/High Point….Andrews scored 34 points last week, but Central could not find the end zone, vs. Southwest Guilford, back on Monday night of this week….

Southwest Guilford(0-0) at Ragsdale(0-1)
SWG has a win under their belt and Ragsdale is still trying to find out who they really are….I haven’t seen Ragsdale yet, but I know they are trying to get that quarterback spot worked out…SWG has their QB in Joey McGinnis II, and he might end being the difference in this game…..

Burlington Williams(0-1) at Southern Guilford(1-0)
Williams lost 14-8 to Eastern Guilford last week, and Southern took care of business vs. Western Guilford, Storm over the Hornets, 22-12….SG has a good shot in this one, but Williams might just be sitting there with a slight edge going into this game…I am hoping for the Guilford County Win, but it will not be easy….SG will need to play a near-perfect game on both offense and defense if they want to come out on top….

Burlington Cummings(0-1) at Smith(0-1)
I don’t really don’t know what Cummings has, but there is no Donnie Davis, Chucky Burnette, or anybody like that, at least I don’t think there is….Smith has a good young team, and they have a good young coach, in Coach Marcello Royal…..Smith QB Gunner Lattimore can play, and he has a very good athlete with him on offense, in Darius Cross…Big center for Smith in MyKedrick Wax, at 5/10/365, and then you flip it around and Smith has a freshman nose guard in Jonathan Newell, at 6’4/307…..Smith is building from the ground up, but in many sports, they say it all starts right there in the middle, and Smith has a BIG middle….

Southwestern Randolph(0-0) at Eastern Guilford(1-0) Postponed
This game and several future games for SWR have been Postponed, due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 in the SWR Cougars camp…..Hezekiah Newby(RB) looked really good for EG last week, vs. Burlington Williams….They said QB Kamell Smith was a little rusty, but that was due to him trying to shake off the remnants from basketball season….For Kamell Smith, it is now, do-or-die, Football All The Way….Newby with right at 200 yards rushing last week, for EG vs. Williams…

That is our look ahead at the games for this week, and we will see you right here, after the games are over, on Friday night……