North Carolina Legislators have begun an investigation into the NCHSAA and its role with Public Schools Athletics and NCHSAA Finances:Special NCHSAA Press Conference Set for Thursday

Interesting story here today from and the post/article/story tells about North Carolina legislators questioning the NCHSAA’s(North Carolina High School Athletic Association) role in public schools, finances….

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Members of the state legislature are exploring the role and authority of the N.C. High School Athletic Association in administering high school sports for public schools in North Carolina, whether or not the association’s relationship with publicly funded schools as a private non-profit corporation makes sense, and the financial status of the organization.

Sen. Jim Perry (R-Lenoir), the Senate majority whip, told HighSchoolOT on Friday that a bipartisan group of legislators have been looking into concerns about the NCHSAA for at least the last six to nine months.

“I have continued to learn more about the organization and how high school athletics are managed or administered in our state, so I know that as we’ve learned more about the organization, and as we’ve understood that our public schools basically were under the purview of a private non-profit organization that still receives money from our public schools and also receives an appropriation from the General Assembly, we had a lot of questions about that,” Perry said.

According to Perry, concerns involve whether or not the NCHSAA has the legal authority to oversee high school sports for public schools as a private non-profit organization, and, if it is legal, whether or not it is appropriate.

“When we started digging into the history of the organization, how it was founded, and what the intent was, we were shocked to see the amount of cash that they have accumulated over a period of time,” said Perry. “This private entity has so much influence and power over our public schools and the families that have children in those schools, it’s just very concerning … They are private. I would not go so far to say the General Assembly cannot do something about that though, and it is an ongoing topic.”

There are also concerns about the financial status of the organization, which Perry says is worth tens of millions of dollars, when some school athletic departments are facing historic budget constraints due to COVID-19.

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