The Morning Run:Time after Time and Time for a Time Change(Top Ten List for this Week with Stimulus)

Running this morning was a hot Time in the old Town….WARM, HOT, Humid, we had all of those special features this morning, and as we ran along, we realized we are about to run out of Time…..Not out of Town, but out of Time….One hour will be lost on Saturday night/early Sunday morning…Around 2am you will need to get out of bed, and move your clocks and Time pieces forward one hour…

That is the deal…It is Time for Daylight Savings Time to kick in and like we said earlier, we are not running out of Town, we are running out of Time…We will lose an hour this weekend….

This morning, on The Morning Run, you had the sweat and the Time capsule was closing fast…

You keep on doing this stuff, Time after Time….And wouldn’t it be something if we Could Save Time in a Bottle….Here is the man, Jim Croce, singing, “If I Could Save Time in a Bottle”….
CLICK HERE and let the video show go….

Yes, Time in a Bottle and Time After Time, we keep going on…Time After Time, every we have to change the Time, two Times a year…
Cyndi Lauper with her, “Time After Time”

We have to move the Time forward this weekend, but If I Could Turn Back Time….Cher says this is how you would/should do it….
“If I Could Turn Back Time”….CLICK ON

This may feel like the very first time that you have moved the clocks forward, but you have probably done this several hundred Times, over the years…But still, “It Feels Like the Very First Time”….Foreigner back with us today, with their title song, Feels Like The Very First Time….

For our spiritual tune/song of the day, we have The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, with “Take Time to be Holy”….
Click On…Solid Sound, and Solid Ground, right here….

There was a crazy old TV show from the past called It’s About Time…Check out their opening and close, pretty entertaining…

There was also the old saying, “It’s about Time, it’s about Space, it’s about Time I slapped your Face”…..We have Jerry “The King” Lawler slapping Andy Kauffman in the face, back on the old David Letterman Show…CLICK ON BELOW FOR THE VIDEO…

Our Top Ten List for this Week is Top Ten Things to get/do after I get my Stimulus Check….

Top Ten Things to get/do after I get My Stimulus Check
1)Get That Steak Dinner….Hit The Outback…
2)Put some Money in the bank, or put it all($1,400.00) in the bank…
3)Buy some Scratch Cards from the Education Lottery
4)Do some work on your car
5)Get that new TV
6)Order some goods online
7)Buy some new cell phone devices
8)Send some money to a long lost friend/helper
9)Go to a LIVE sporting event
10)This should probably be way much higher on this list, but here it is at #10, and it is, send some money to your church….

That is it for this week, and they say, it is the thought that counts, and we put some thought into this post, this week and we hope that you enjoyed it…We will see you again, right here next week, and stay positive, but test negative….On we go with, “The Morning Run”….