The Best College Men’s Basketball Players from all 50 States:Michael Jordan from North Carolina??? Maybe not!!!

Here is the list of the Top Men’s College Basketball Players from all of the 50 states, in the United States…

Michael Jordan from North Carolina??? Looks like maybe not, and who knew that Danny Manning was from Mississippi, and that Shaq O’Neal was from Texas?????

CLICK HERE for the list from and Seth Trachtman….

This is a good/fun list and the photos are worth their weight in gold….

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  1. Michael Jordan played high school basketball at Wilmington Laney High School and he played college basketball at the University of North Carolina, but from what I have read in the past, he was born in New York…So he would fall into the College Basketball Players from New York state category, and they have a very good basketball player from New York, representing Power Memorial High School and Alcindor went to play for UCLA, during his college years…

    So if you have to choose between David Thompson and Michael Jordan, who would you take??? For me, I would take David Thompson, since I think he was a better college player than Michael Jordan was….

    Got any thoughts on this one???

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    I also think the NCAA College Basketball Tournament was better back in the 1970’s and 80’s than it is today….A lot smaller tournament back in those days, but it seemed like the overall impact was much greater on the basketball world, than it is today…

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