Prayers Going Up for Rod Davis(WMAG Radio/Page HS) now in Hospice Care

Sad to hear this news about BIG Rod Davis…He was right at 6’6/6’7 and played high school basketball at Page High School and later on down in Brunswick County…He had a nice touch for a big man, and then later he got into radio…He was at WKZL, WMAG, WHSL, WNEU, WKSI, and a maybe more local radio stations…He was also a host on PM Magazine on WFMY TV 2, along side Sandra Hughes and others…He was even in the movie King Kong(remake, not the original)…Rod Davis got the job done, and now he is in bad shape, trying to hold on in Hospice…
(Rod was probably best known for his time at WMAG/MAGIC Radio 99.5 FM and for his time on the PM Magazine TV Show on TV 2/WFMY. He was the drive time man in the afternoons on WMAG, and then later hosted the morning show on MAGIC, with Lora Songster…He also hosted a Saturday Night at the Oldies Radio Show on MAGIC.)

Prayers are going all over for the BIG Man today…Rod Davis, keep him in your prayers, and take time to remember that great voice he had, and think back to his big smile today…Always seemed like a real nice person, and his family is trying to hold him up today….

from Facebook:
Brook Ashley is with Rod Davis.
I’m so sorry. I wish I would have gotten to know you better…
I wish things would have been different. I will always hold you close to me, and the memories we do have.
My Dad has entered hospice. He has been fighting a battle for a long time. Please pray for comfort for us and for his comfort.
I will always love you Dad.

5 thoughts on “Prayers Going Up for Rod Davis(WMAG Radio/Page HS) now in Hospice Care

  1. We are also hearing that Rod Davis suffered a heart attack, so his condition is grave…Keep Rod in your prayers, and be a part of the people that are lifting him up, in his time of need…

  2. Lifting Rod Davis in prayer, along with his family and many friends. May God give them comfort as only He can, today and in the days ahead?

  3. Heartfelt prayers for all his loved ones. I still remember his voice. My heart hurts for all of us.

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