“There are Onions, Jim, and there are Major Onions”:Bill Raftery on Jalen Suggs’(Gonzaga) shot to beat UCLA in OT!!!

There was the call at the end of the Gonzaga overtime win on Saturday night over UCLA, 93-90…..
“There are Onions, Jim, and there are Major Onions”:**********Bill Raftery**********
CLICK ON BELOW to check out the video…..


  1. From Bill Raftery on the origin of Onions….
    1. “Onions!”

    “Ian Eagle(and I/Bill Raftery), we did a Nets game against either Orlando or Miami. When Kevin Edwards made a corner jump shot — and we were not accustomed to winning in those days, the Nets had some lean years — and I just blurted this thing out. A little joy and excitement from the unknown area of winning games. It sort of fit this kid, the toughness to make the shot. And that just came out.

    “It’s like a nice way of describing the toughness of a person. It could go in other directions, which some people sort of do.”

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