Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists High School Football Scoreboard – Friday – April 9, 2021:Looking back at the Grimsley-Page Football Game

Game of the Week Greensboro Sports Radio: Page (0-6) at Grimsley (5-0) with Andy Durham.

UPDATE #10 – 11:58 PM

Page (0-7) – 7
Grimsley (6-0) – 42
Scoring Update at 1:10 am….Grimsley got on the board first in the First Quarter and it was on the opening drive and possession of the game, where the Grimsley Whirlies Myles Gowens picked off/intercepted a Nick Williamson pass and took the Page Pirates pass all the back to the house, for a Grimsley touchdown…The score came at the 10:56 mark of the First Quarter, and with the Jake Henry PAT kick, Grimsley leads Page, 7-0… Grimsley’s QB Alonza Barnett III gets the Whirlies rolling again, when he calls the signals with an empty backfield and Barnett runs to end zone from 25 yards away, and with the Jake Henry kick, now Grimsley has moved in front, 14-0 over the Page Pirates, and the second G td came with 4:57 remaining in the First Quarter….Grimsley 14, Page 0
We get a lightning and rain delay coming in over Jamieson Stadium, with 3:28 left in the First Quarter and Grimsley up over Page, 14-0…..The game delay lasted at least two and a-half hours and we got the game going again, just past 10:15pm….
The game resumes late in the First Quarter, and as we get into the second period/frame, Grimsley gets a 34-yard TD run from their junior quarterback, Alonza Barnett II…Jake Henry has not missed a PAT tonight, and he is good again here, as Grimsley is on top of Page, 21-0….
Barnett III, now with two touchdown runs on the night, and now he is ready to thread the needle, and get his passing game cranked up..Alonza Barnett III hits Anthony Dunkins for a TD pass along the right sideline and headed toward the right corner of the end zone, and with another Jake Henry PAT kick, Grimsley has gone on top, 28-0, over the Page Pirates….The Barnett to Dunkins hookup came with 7:26 to play in the Third Quarter, and it covered 11 yards..Grimsley 28, Page 0…..
Barnett II hits for TD #2 on the night when finds Christian Tutuh open and this gives Grimsley a 35-0 lead, and that all comes after the 22-yard TD, with Barnett III to Tutuh, and the Jake Henry perfect PAT kick, and again, Grimsley is now up in this game, 35-0….
Grimsley 35, Page 0….This most recent Grimsley touchdown came with 10:23 left in the Fourth Quarter…
Barnett III now has two TD’s running and two TD’s passing in the football game….
Page finally crashed the Grimsley Whirlies shutout party, as Grady Sherrill got open in the end zone, and the Pirates’ QB Nick Williamson threaded the old needle and he hit the Donald Moore Jr. look-alike, Grady Sherrill, for the touchdown pass…It was a 20-yard TD pass from Williamson to Sherrill, and the PAT kick was good from Tyler Elliot, and Page is on the scoreboard, but Grimsley still leads in Fourth Quarter of this contest, Grimsley 35, Page 7…The Page TD was set up by a Page pass on fourth down, from the Page Pirates punter Joseph Fitton to receiver Clarance Woods…A perfect pass from the Page punter, of all things…
The final scoring of the night came from the Grimsley Whirlies and they got a two-yard touchdown run from RB Jeiel Melton and Melton took the pigskin in from 2 yards out…A two-yard TD run by Melton, and with the Jake Henry key PAT kick, Grimsley now has a commanding lead over Page, 42-7, with just 1:42 left in the contest….And on that TD run from Melton, Melton was due…He had two long runs for touchdowns called back due to penalties…Melton was moving, but he didn’t have anything to show for his efforts, until he cashed in that TD, late in the contest….

Melton had TD runs called back due to penalties, and Grimsley had another TD taken off of the board when Grimsley QB Alonza Barnett III hit TE/Slot Back/Slot Receiver Lawson Albright on 74-yard pass play for a TD, but again the Albright touchdown was called back due to the penalty…Grimsley with three(3) TD’s called back due to penalties…Grimsley had to kickoff at least 10 times in the game….One kickoff to open the game, and they had to due that one twice, and then after their first scored TD, Grimsley kicked off again, and they had to do this one twice too, due to another offsides call against Grimsley, on the kickoff….The same thing happened to Grimsley another time, and it seemed like every time you looked up, Grimsley’s Jake Henry was kicking off again….
(Jake Henry, a perfect 6-6 on his PAT kicks, on this night.)

That TD catch by Lawson Albright that got called back due to the penalty, was a thing of beauty…Albright caught the ball ran left, and then ran right, and then moved back to his left a little bit, and then he was off to the races, and Albright was gone….A lot to be said for Albright and when he cuts on the jets…That TD catch and run he went off on, was again, a thing of beauty…This kid is just fun to watch…He is a great target, and once he gets his big hands on that football, he tucks it in, and he is gone…The kid can flat out fly….A fun kid to watch catch, since he is the solid target, and then he knows where to go and what to do, once his gets his hands on that football….For sure a promising road ahead for this young man, as he takes off for Northwestern University next Fall…..

Grimsley’s got talent, and Myles Gowens had that one interception for Grimsley, and he should have had another….Travis Shaw was his usual disruptive self, along that Grimsley defensive line….Shaw tries to time the opponent’s snap count, and many times he will hit it right on the nose, and we all know how that goes for the opposing offenses, Nah Good/Not Good!!!!! Quentin Williamson and Sincere Burnett continue to turn in strong performances for the Grimsley Whirlies’ defense, and we saw Cah’lil Williams and Jordan Watkins getting in on the action in a big way, for the Grimsley “D”, on Friday night…..

Another solid win for the Grimsley Whirlies and they have earned their way to where they are today, at (6-0) to close out the regular season….Head coach Darryl Brown, assistants Joe Rigsbee and Norman Weeks, and others have the Whirlies ready to keep on doing big things in the High School Football Spring of 2021….Page Coach Doug Robertson will have his Pirates back, but it will take some time, so Page Pirates fans, stay/remain patient…..The playoffs begin/get underway next Friday night, and we hope to be able to be out there to bring you all of the action…We were on the radio broadcast non-stop for over five hours tonight/Friday night, and for those tuned in, you got your monies worth during this Grimsley High School-Page High School Football Game….

Western Alamance (7-0) – 40
Northern Guilford (5-2) – 34….Overtime

Southern Guilford (5-2) – 36
Eastern Guilford (5-2) – 60

Southwestern Randolph (3-3) – 6
Southeast Guilford (6-1) – 49

Northeast Guilford (0-6)
Person (2-3)

FINAL courtesy of Clint Miller
Smith (1-6) – 30
WS Parkland (1-5) – 14

Northwest Guilford (6-1) – 48
Hoke County (2-5) – 12

3 QTR – Resumes 11 AM Saturday
Morehead – 6
Rockingham County – 7

Williams – 29
Southern Alamance – 16

Glenn – 35
East Forsyth – 13

CANCELLED Due To Covid-19 at Wheatmore
High Point Andrews (2-3)
Wheatmore (2-4)

Finals from Thursday Night
Dudley (6-1) – 54
Western Guilford (1-5) – 7

Ragsdale (3-4) – 42
High Point Central (2-5) – 35

Mount Tabor (7-0) – 3
Southwest Guilford (4-3) – 13

Reidsville – 42
Bartlett Yancey – 0

Burlington Cummings – 60
Graham – 0

Davie County – 36 (OT)
West Fosyth – 35

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