Greensboro Hamburger/Beef Burger Icon hits hospital after recent heart attack:Ralph Havis down, Beef Burger has to close down for awhile

Greensboro Beef Burger icon Ralph Havis has recently been in the local hospital after suffering a heart attack…Last check I saw, showed Ralph Havis right at 78 years old…

The Beef Burger, which for many years was known as the Biff Burger, had to shut down last week, as Ralph Havis was on the mend, after his heart attack…Hard to keep the Roto Broiler going with Ralph not in the house, at the Beef Burger on West Gate City Blvd.

Ralph Havis headed toward a quick recovery we hope, and for years Ralph has rolled out those Beef Burgers at a rapid pace, and he has kept those burgers covered in that secret sauce…Often imitated, but for sure, never duplicated, the Beef Burger menu was, and is, one of the most diverse that you will ever see, in these United States of America….

There is something to be said for man that has been Roto Broiler those Beef/Biff Burgers for over 50 years, and we look forward to seeing Ralph back in business soon, at the Beef Burger, on West Gate City Blvd…..

CLICK HERE for an article on the history of the Biff/Beef Burgers from QSR magazine….Ralph tells the magazine, “That if anything ever happens to me, they’ll probably come in and bulldoze the place down”…..

**********Get Well Soon, Ralph Havis, King of the Beef Burgers…..*****