Beef Burger Closing their Doors for good on Monday

****** BREAKING UPDATE ******

Dock Cockman is on the scene. He reports lines out the building and over an hour wait.

A handwritten sign on the door says don’t believe Facebook. New Hours Monday through Friday 11 am to 7 pm.

Beef Burger
Photo credit Doug Cockman

We’ll have more soon.

**********As of tomorrow/Monday, the Beef Burger on Gate City Blvd./West Lee Street is GONE….**********

Sad news/Bad news….from Arthur Allen Jr. on Facebook:
As of tomorrow/Monday Glenwood’s beloved neighborhood restaurant will be closing their doors for the last time. So if you have time tomorrow please come out and support. You may never get a chance again.

CLICK HERE for the photo….

++++++++++Beef Burger owner Ralph Havis had a heart attack earlier this month…..++++++++++


  1. Have you even bothered to look into who owns the land and building that Beef Burger is located on? I’ll give you a tip: It ain’t Ralph.

  2. I have known that for a long time….Ralph does not own the land, but he has run the Beef Burger on that piece of property for many years…

    Sooner rather than later, UNCG will own that piece of property….

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