Brett Farve talks to Aaron Rodgers by way of Text Message and Rodgers has some news for his Football Followers


It is hard to imagine anyone having a better understanding of what Aaron Rodgers is going through than Brett Favre, and the Hall of Famer said he has spoken with his former teammate about the situation in Green Bay.

Favre spoke with the “Wilde & Tausch” show on 100.5 ESPN Madison on Wednesday morning about the drama surrounding Rodgers and the Packers. Favre said the difference between Rodgers’ situation and Favre’s situation in 2008 was that Green Bay was willing to trade Favre. The 51-year-old also shared a recent text message exchange he had with Rodgers in which he joked that the reigning NFL MVP might wind up with the New Orleans Saints.

Even if the Packers do give in and trade Rodgers, they are reportedly unwilling to send him to an NFC team. That could be why Rodgers does not envision himself playing for the Saints.

Favre was also asked if he believes Rodgers and the Packers can work through their differences. He said he doesn’t believe Rodgers will return to Green Bay this season.