The Morning Run:Mother’s Day on the Morning Run/Top Ten List for this Week

Out there running this morning, with the Friday Morning Run, which has become a continuation of the regular every day runs, and we call it, “The Morning Run”….Thinking about Mother’s Day, today on The Morning Run…..

Running up and down the road/street and the songs about Mom, going and working their thorough my mind…Had some knee pain yesterday, did some extra stretching and must have pulled or tweaked something in my right knee….You do some precautionary work and you come out of with more pain than you had going in….

Going into our Mother’s Day theme today we have several tunes/songs line up for you….

We get it going with nice action tune from the past…She’s A Bad Mama Jama…Carl Carlton has this set up for us…Click On Below…

Next up we have Abba, with Mama Mia, here we go again…CLICK ON BELOW for the video show…

Time for a good ole Merle Haggard tune about Mom…Mama Tried, Mama Tried, Mama Tried….And we have a treat for you, with Merle Hagggard, Willie Nelson and Toby Keith on this song/tune….Tune in/Click On Below for the video…

A Mother’s Prayer from Celine Dion, is next on our list today, and she is here for you, with “A Mother’s Prayer”…..

Blake Shelton steps in with his Mom’s Song called, The Baby…Blake Shelton looks like he has a wig on…But he has a very timely song for this Mother’s Day list of tunes….Click On Below….

For our final Mother’s Day tune, Whitney Houston says, Mom, “I Look To You”….
Click On Below, and Mom will be listening…

Our Top Ten this week features the Top Ten All-Time Best Baseball Players, and we hit this in honor of Willie Mays, who celebrated his 90th birthday, yesterday….

Ten All-Time Best Baseball Players
1)TIE:Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth
3)Willie Mays
4)Ted Williams
5)Ty Cobb
6)Lou Gehrig
7)Mickey Mantle
8)Nolan Ryan

9)Roger Maris
10)TIE:Cy Young and Stan Musial

That’s another run for The Morning Run…Enjoy it, and then be sure to join us back in here again next week…Thanks for being us on The Show, and continue on with us, on The Morning Run……