Mid-State 3-A/2-A All-Conference Summary for Women’s Soccer, Softball, Men’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Golf

Women’s Soccer

All-Conference (26)
1. Molly Widderich Eastern Alamance
2. Megan Banko Eastern Alamance
3. Dixon Riley Eastern Alamance
4. Hannah Hawks Eastern Alamance
5. Jessica Hampton Eastern Alamance
6. MacKenzie Webber Eastern Alamance
7. Shyanne Dunlap McMichael
8. Maria Gonzalez Morehead
9. Alaina Randolph Northeast Guilford
10. Christina Layton Northern Guilford
11. Chloe’ Ciliberti Northern Guilford
12. Ellie Grove Northern Guilford
13. Sophia Hernandez Northern Guilford
14. Taylor Malloy Northern Guilford
15. Peyton Clendon Northern Guilford
16. Nicole Auger Northern Guilford
17. Hailey Williamson Northern Guilford
18. Caroline Shafer Northern Guilford
19. Madison Dunkley Person
20. Kayla Brown Person
21. Lauren Smith Rockingham
22. Maddie Powell Rockingham
23. Brooke Owen Rockingham
24. Avalyn Ward Western Alamance
25. Emery Conklin Western Alamance
26. Kate Stafford Western Alamance

Offensive Player of the Year: Christina Layton ~ Northern Guilford

Defensive Player of the Year: Lauren Smith ~ Rockingham County

Coach of the Year: Frank Tamborino ~ Northern Guilford



All-Conference (22)
1. Kyra Jones Eastern Alamance
2. Reagan Hartley Eastern Alamance
3. Kenna Dark Eastern Alamance
4. Madelyn Lawson Eastern Alamance
5. Haliegh Palmer Eastern Alamance
6. Bradyn Case McMichael
7. Savannah Lockhart McMichael
8. Kaley Ingle Morehead
9. Maddie Booth Morehead
10. Kiana Harrison Northeast Guilford
11. Chloe Templeman Northern Guilford
12. Mariah McCowan Person
13. Lillie Davis Person
14. Kelcey Mangum Person
15. Megan Powell Rockingham
16. Hadley Russell Rockingham
17. Rachel Smith Rockingham
18. Hope Smith Rockingham
19. Taylor Apple Western Alamance
20. Logan Bailey Western Alamance
21. Carley Minter Western Alamance
22. Rainey Payton Western Alamance

Player of the Year: Madelyn Lawson ~ Eastern Alamance

Pitcher of the Year: Taylor Apple ~ Western Alamance

Coach of the Year: Bob Casto ~ McMichael


Men’s Tennis

All-Conference (22)
1. Caleb Gerlach Eastern Alamance
2. Ethan Alvis Eastern Alamance
3. Parker Wyatt McMichael
4. Tylor Lawrence McMichael
5. Mason Harris Morehead
6. Cole Vernon Morehead
7. Isiah Espinoza Morehead
8. Harry Wilson Morehead
9. Daniel Ferree Northern Guilford
10. Duncan Moore Northern Guilford
11. Sam Emrick Northern Guilford
12. James Harrington Northern Guilford
13. Ayush Zaver Northern Guilford
14. Jobie Fie Person
15. Blake Gillie Person
16. Taft Harrell Rockingham County
17. Ross Jones Rockingham County
18. Zach Allred Western Alamance
19. Will Geiger Western Alamance
20. Sam Durham Western Alamance
21. Ari Izzo Western Alamance
22. Chris Barringer Western Alamance

Player of the Year: Duncan Moore ~ Northern Guilford

Coach of the Year: Rich Dowler ~ Western Alamance


Men’s Golf

All-Conference (12)
1. Ayden Jersey Northern Guilford
2. Luis Benitez Northern Guilford
3. Jared Trindel Northern Guilford
4. Luke Crouse Rockingham County
5. Blaine Cayton Rockingham County
6. Zach Guill Rockingham County
7. Ryder Wilmouth Rockingham County
8. Jake Clayton Western Alamance
9. Brad Grajzar Western Alamance
10. Connor Massey Western Alamance
11. Jack Dockrill Western Alamance
12. Zach Wilson Western Alamance

Player of the Year: Jake Clayton ~ Western Alamance

Coach of the Year: Michael Pennington ~ Western Alamance

Women’s Golf

All-Conference (10)
1. Emily Mathews Eastern Alamance
2. Abigail May Western Alamance
3. Angel Dickerson Morehead
4. Cami Rivas Northern Guilford
5. Elli Flinchum Rockingham County
6. Haley Thomas Person
7. Makayla Martinez Western Alamance
8. Mary Massey Western Alamance
9. Meredith Pegram Rockingham County
10. Olivia Peterson Rockingham County

Player of the Year: Emily Mathews ~ Eastern Alamance

Coach of the Year: Michael Williams ~ Rockingham County