Kevin Pillar bled so much that they had to stop the game, so the Grounds Crew could clean up the field/blood

Kevin Pillar was so bloody after being hit, the grounds crew needed to clean it up
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Kevin Pillar was hit in the face by a pitch on Monday night that did some damage.

The New York Mets centerfielder was batting in the top of the seventh inning with his team leading the Atlanta Braves 1-0. Reliever Jacob Webb was trying to throw a pitch high but missed badly inside and hit Pillar in the face.

Pillar went down immediately and blood came spouting out of his nose.

Pillar was able to get up and walk off the field on his own. But there was so much blood around the batter’s box that the game was paused so the grounds crew could clean it all up.

Pillar is in his first season with the Mets and struggling somewhat at the plate, batting .247 with a .661 OPS. Now he will have to shake off this incident.

Webb won’t have an easy time either. The Braves reliever seemed mentally shaken after the hit by pitch and was removed from the game.