The Morning Run:It Must Be Magic(This Week’s Top Ten List)

Got to thinking about Magic this week on the Morning Runs, and songs started coming back to me, that include the Magic themes…Let’s make a little Magic here today/this morning….Start out running, and the Magic begins to take over your thoughts…

Let’s Make A Little Magic right now from the Dirt Band…Also known for quite a few years as the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band…
CLICK ON BELOW and you are ready to make the Magic begin/spin…

Next up, coming around we have Heart, with Magic Man…They say he’s a Magic Man Mama….Click Below and you are on the go, with Magic Man, coming on here from Heart…

The Big Question becomes, “Do You Believe In Magic”??? Here we go with the Lovin’ Spoonful, and their classic tune, Do You Believe In Magic???
CLICK NOW, and you will end up saying, WOW!!!

We found one you may or may not remember….It is from the movie Ghostbusters, and it is called “I Believe It’s Magic”….
Click On Below and you will know that this song is a perfect fit from Ghostbusters…

This next tune is not right on the main topic of Magic, but it has magically taking over your TV set, with its part in the current Geico TV ads….We have a song for the week, from the Foundations, and it is called, “Build Me Up Buttercup”….A current oldie that is all over the TV…Click and Pick this tune, as your favorite of the week…

Now I am not sure where this one came from, but It Must Be Magic…We have Buckwheat Zydeco with, his version of, “It Must Be Magic”….Good stuff here…Click On…

We also found Teena Marie with It Must Be Magic…Check this one out…Click On Below…

That’s it for this week’s Magic Show…

Now for our MAGIC Radio 99.5 FM all-time Top Ten List….
1)Bill Flynn
2)Rod Davis
3)Lora Songster
4)Johnny Phelps
5)Lee Anne Petty
6)Jim Scott
7)J.T. Austin
8)Steve Kerr
10)Jeff Cushman

We also have for today, The Top Ten Magicians of All-Time….
1)Harry Houdini
2)David Copperfield
3)Penn and Teller
4)Siegfried and Roy
5)Doug Henning
6)Harry Anderson
7)David Blaine
8)Lance Burton
9)Apollo Robbins
10)Shin Lim

Now, that’s really it for this week’s show…We are on the go, on to tomorrow, and the next day, and then by the time you turn around, we will be back with next week’s show….You have to agree, this week was a true Winner….

We will not be denied, we have the inside on running and walking outside…Get with it now, get to it, it is time to get yourselves a moving, with The Morning Run….But for today, we are done…

See you next week…Tell others about this show….From what we are hearing, it is the fastest growing and fastest moving show on the the internet today…Word is spreading fast, and keep it moving…

Thanks, and again, have a great day/week….

WOW, what a show!!!!!