Arizona Diamondbacks announcer Bob Brenly takes a ‘leave of absence’ due to his Controversial Comments(“Pretty sure that’s the same du-rag that Tom Seaver used to wear when he pitched for the Mets”)

Diamondbacks announcer Bob Brenly taking leave of absence amid more controversy

from Zac Wassink, with

Days after Arizona Diamondbacks announcer Bob Brenly made controversial comments about a head covering worn by New York Mets starting pitcher Marcus Stroman on Tuesday evening, former Chicago Cubs star Aramis Ramirez told Zach Buchanan of The Athletic he and other Latin America players believed Brenly made derogatory comments about them in the past because of their backgrounds and said that Brenly “should be fired right now.”

In a response, Brenly told The Athletic he’s taking a short leave of absence.

“Beginning today, I have voluntarily decided to take some time off to listen, reflect and devote my attention to awareness training related to diversity and inclusion to enhance my understanding and appreciation of others,” Brenly said in a statement. “I plan to return to the booth next homestand, hopefully a better person.”

That timeline would have him away until a June 11 game versus the Los Angeles Angels.

During Tuesday’s matchup between New York and Arizona, Brenly remarked: “Pretty sure that’s the same du-rag that Tom Seaver used to wear when he pitched for the Mets.”

He apologized in a statement the next day and explained he and the club agreed “that seeking sensitivity training is an important step so I can continue to learn from my mistakes in order to be better in the future.”

However, Ramirez called Brenly’s comments about Stroman “flat-out racist” and added: “I think there’s just no place in our game to have that type of guy.”

“My job is to describe Major League Baseball and to call it the way I see it — the good and the bad.” Brenly said of Ramirez’s quotes to The Athletic. “I have always tried to do so in an honest, unbiased way, regardless of a player’s background or race. I am sorry that my work offended Aramis, as I think of him as one of the most successful players of his generation.”