The Morning Run:Getting Beat Out Here!!!(This Week’s Top Ten List)

Getting beat out there/here this week on the Morning Run…Might be time to be in mourning for this morning runner…The humidity was up at 100% this morning, and it was like running into a brick wall, and like carrying a baby grand piano on your back….

But, it was time to keep on going/running, so we would have something to talk about in here, on this Friday morning…

There was a stiff breeze blowing, but the breeze could not override the humidity…Some days you wonder why you are still out here, but then you just suck it up, and keep on going/running…

You want to Beat It, before It Beats You….

Some times you just have to Go, Go, Go, and we now have the Go-Go’s with We’ve Got the Beat….Sing it Sisters….

MJ/Michael Jackson said all you have to do, to beat the humidity, is to Beat It…Beat It, and here he is…Click On Below…

My old pappy always said, “when worse comes to worse, it might just be time to load up a Convoy and ride on through, or out of town”….Time to crank up that Convoy and get it rolling, with C.W. McColl…Click Below for the video show…

The key might be when you are running through those neighborhoods, or heading down the big highway in a Convoy, the key might be, Don’t Talk To Strangers…Rick Springfield has the word for us in this message….This is a message you need to teach to all of those around you, and to those you might come in contact with today…Take it Rick…CLICK FOR RICK…(Don’t Talk to Strangers)

Our spiritual song of the week is, “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”, and it comes to us from DC Talk…Listen in, when you Click On Below…

Our final tune for this week is, Some Gave All…It comes to us from Billy Ray Cyrus, and it gives us a look back at our Memorial Day Holiday….Good tune for this week, and remember my friends, Some Gave Some, and Some Gave All….
Click On Below and sing along…

Our Top Ten for this week, is our Top Ten Events of the Week….
Top Ten Events for this Week
1)Coach K is retiring
2)Mick Mixon(Carolina Panthers’ play-by-play man) is retiring
3)Greensboro Grasshoppers vs. Winston-Salem Dash series at First National Bank Field
4)The death of Charlotte Hornets writer Rick Bonnell(63 years old)
5)Little Doug Brown’s birthday(42 years old)
6)Carolina Hurricanes hockey still fighting for their playoff lives
7)The death of B.J. Thomas…Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song…Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head…

8)The death of Gavin McLeod….Love Boat and Mary Tyler Moore Show….
9)The people going to Popeye’s for the first ever…I have never been in there..
10)WWE firing Braun Strowman…He might be the greatest wrestler of all time, if given the right conditions…Like have him crush everybody he sees…A true “Natural Born Killer/Thriller”….

There you, and here we go…Is that not the best Friday morning show on the web today??? This is the real deal…Tell others you know to check out our show…This might be something that is about to take fire…Look out, here comes the Morning Run…Here today, and back with you again next Friday morning…Tell your boss, tell Jim Ross, tell Kate Moss…Heck tell Randy Moss…

We will see you right back in here again next Friday, for this award-winning feature…A true production of Andy Durham Sports and….