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WZOO Radio in Asheboro, now can be heard on 106.1 FM in Greensboro:Buster Brown ready to “Get Down” from 3-7pm

We caught the news today on WZOO Radio, from Asheboro, N.C. The ZOO can now be heard on 106.1 FM, in Greensboro, N.C.

The ZOO has come to town, and they are ready to “Get Down”…Good music on the ZOO with the best of the 70’s/80’s/90’s and more…WZOO radio at 700 AM Asheboro, and now on 106.1 FM Greensboro…

The ZOO can be good for you, with Uncle Miltie in the mornings, 6-10am, then it’s Ru Rose, from 10am till 3pm/Mid-days, and then Buster Brown, who many of you remember from his days with 97.1 WQMG FM/Power 97 and with 102 JAMZ, well Buster is now back in Greensboro, and you hear the ‘Buster Brown Thing’ in the afternoons, from 3-7pm…

Buster Brown, back in town, and ready to “Get Down”…A very smooth and positive radio show for you in the afternoons…Much like the radio shows in Greensboro from the days gone by…Personality driven radio, and personalities that don’t talk down to their audience, they work to engage their audience, and make audience participation a big part of their programming…Laughter and positivity are at a premium, on ZOO radio….

(ZOO Radio also features “Throwback Radio” at night, from 7pm-until, and this is a very solid syndicated program, with music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond….The Charlie Brown Beach Music Program is on the ZOO, on Sunday afternoons, and you can hear “The Shark” and Wendy on ZOO radio weekends.)

Check out the ZOO, now on 700 AM in Asheboro, and on 106.1 in Greensboro, plus always available on…..

Larry Reid is the General Manager at WZOO radio…..