What is Spider Tack??? Coming to a Major League Baseball, or already on a Major League Baseball soon!!!

Lots of talk this week about Major League Baseballs being covered in Spider Tack, and how Spider Tack can help MLB pitchers get better grip on the baseball…And that causes many of us to ask the question, “What is Spider Tack?”

We were able to find out this information about Spider Tack, at SpiderTack.com…www.spidertack.com…..

Spider Tack
About Spider Tack
Spider Tack is a super-sticky paste for improving grip on Atlas Stones. It comes in Heavy, Competition Grade (the original), and Light.

Spider Tack Competition Grade is the original Spider Tack. It’s the most versatile, will work great in both cold and heat.

Spider Tack Heavy is a thicker, more viscous Spider Tack. It’s slightly less webby than Competition Grade, but it has a bit more adhesion in the hottest temperatures.

Spider Tack Light is the thinnest Spider Tack. It maintains it’s pliability in the coldest temperatures, but will still do it’s job on a warm day. I’d suggest applying only a thin layer of light as too much won’t be as effective – Spider Tack sticks better to stones and your arms/sleeves than it does itself.

Spider Tack is available around the world.
In the USA it’s available on our very own Amazon web store, at http://www.amazon.com/shops/SpiderTack/.

It’s available worldwide at Lifting Large (www.liftinglarge.com), Jackal’s Gym (www.jackalsgym.com) and EFS (www.elitefts.com). We highly recommend the Rehband knee sleeves and back support from Jackal’s, and if you’re looking for a deadlift suit for strongman competition, the best bet is the Metal King Pro Deadlifter from EFS. Lifting Large has a huge variety of powerlifting and strongman gear.

In Canada, you can get it at Mettle Performance Center (store.mettleperformance.ca), Adrenaline Training (adrenalinetraining.ca) or Never Back Down (www.neverbackdownfitness.com).

In the UK, your best bet is Strength Shop UK (www.strengthshop.co.uk)

Strength Shop recently opened a store in Germany as well, at www.strengthshop.de .

Australia’s own Underground Elite carries Spider Tack (www.undergroundelite.com.au).

Lastly, shops will soon carry it in Norway and South Africa as well.

So, get some Spider Tack, and set some PRs!