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The Morning Run:We need some help with this Heat and Humidity(Top Ten List for this Week)

Another hot and humid morning, out there this morning, and the temperature was around 80, and the humidity must have been at right around 99.9%…

We could use some help with this heat and humidity…We really can’t do anything to change it, but we can talk about it, and today running downhill was sure better than running uphill…

It was all about the Heat of the Moment…..Let’s go to Asia and they will tell us about The Heat of the Moment…CLICK ON BELOW

Like we said, it was tough getting up the hill, but easier coming back down the hills this morning, on The Morning Run…Not sure how they did it, but Jack and Jill went up the hill…Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio…Here’s Jack and Jill, and be sure to look out for the hill….Click on Below, and head up the hill…

We were running in the morning, but they tell me, when you really get down to it, there’s nothing like The Heat in the Night….
Check it out, when you CLICK ON….

It is getting hot, and so why not bring on “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert??? He has been gone for a few years, but we have him back here today…Eddie Gilbert, is “Hot Stuff”…CLICK BELOW for this video show…

And we even have the original Hot Stuff, and that would be coming in from Donna Summer…Donna doing it again, with her version of, “Hot Stuff”…..Click Below….

It is getting hot out there, and it feels like you might/may be going through the fire again…We have Jason Crabb and the Crabb Family, and they bring us our spiritual song/tune of the week we know as, “Through the Fire”…We can get through it all, and CLICK ON BELOW, and you will know, how to get Through the Fire…..

Let’s get out of the Fire, and go straight to the Grill…Top Ten for this week, with our Top Ten Items to Grill Out….
Stop Chillin’ and start Grillin’….

Top Ten Items to Cook Out on the Grill
2)Hot Dogs
10)Tater Tots…..Sounds like Three Meals a Day, right here…ENJOY!!!!!

That’s it for our show today, and we had quite a bit to say, but we must step away, and get ready to play next week’s Morning Run tunes/songs/videos….Today is almost gone, and tomorrow is coming on, and we must be moving on…Don’t stay gone long, come back in here and join us again next week…

And whatever you do, tell one person about The Morning Run this week….Spread the word….We need bird, or a herd of buffalo, to carry The Morning Run to all of the corners of this earth….

See you next week, and keep up the faith, the Finish Line is in sight….Yes, the Finish Line is in sight, it’s only about 50,000 miles on down the road, and we will be there before you know it…..