NCHSAA Individual Wrestling Tournament 2021 State Qualifiers

CHAPEL HILL – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) completed the 2021 Individual Wrestling Regional Championships yesterday. The top four finishers from the Regionals advance to the Individual State Tournament.

The NCHSAA will hold the Individual State Tournaments on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at three high school sites. The 1A and 4A Tournaments will be at Glenn High School in Kernersville. The 2A Tournament will be conducted at Wheatmore High School in Trinity. The 3A Tournament will be held at Eastern Guilford High School in Gibsonville.

The State Qualifiers from each region are listed below. State Tournament Brackets have been posted to the NCHSAA State Championships page on You can view regional brackets by visiting and searching the tournament page for “NCHSAA.”

Individual State Wrestling Tournament Qualifiers by Region
1A East
1A East 106: 1st – Jason Kennedy of Rosewood; 2nd – Heaven Fitch of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 3rd – Austin Allen of South Stokes; 4th – Thalia Aquirre Gomez of Manteo
1A East 113: 1st – Tristan Hale of South Davidson; 2nd – Jack McArthur of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 3rd – Sebastian Blea of Rosewood; 4th – Horveli Rodrigeuz of Albemarle
1A East 120: 1st – Logan Tortual of Rosewood; 2nd – Ricardo Bustos of Albemarle; 3rd – James Boling of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 4th – Chris Ramirez of South Stanly
1A East 126: 1st – Timmy Freeze of South Davidson; 2nd – Austin Kennedy of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 3rd – Trever Johnson of Granville Central, 4th – William Kimball of Rosewood
1A East 132: 1st – Cody Lawson of South Stokes; 2nd – Braeden Reiss of Rosewood; 3rd – Byan Lackey of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 4th – Jaquavius Caraway of South Stanly
1A East 138: 1st – Shane Hatfield of East Carteret; 2nd – Emmanuel Tadeo Perez of Manteo; 3rd – Ranfere Garcia of South Stanly; 4th – Gavin Davis of Rosewood
1A East 145: 1st – Brice Browning of Tarboro; 2nd – Ronan Carletta of East Carteret; 3rd – Drew Shelton of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 4th – Giovani Rivera of Rosewood
1A East 152: 1st – Grayson Roberts of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 2nd – Michael Gabbard of South Stanly; 3rd – Camden Gurley of Neuse Charter School; 4th – Kaleb Davis of Rosewood
1A East 160: 1st – Doug Bowles of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 2nd – Trent Drake of South Stanly; 3rd – Johnny Dotson of South Stokes; 4th – Matthew Pelletier of Neuse Charter School
1A East 170: 1st – Jathan Parker of East Carteret; 2nd – Cameron Clark of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 3rd – Hunter Barrier of South Stanly; 4th – Trevor Wood of Pamlico County
1A East 182: 1st – Lucas Wright of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 2nd – Elijah Joyner of Rosewood; 3rd – Logan Davis of Manteo; 4th – Jayden Ramirez of Granville Central
1A East 195: 1st – Meliek Bryant of North Stanly; 2nd – Daniel Cancro of Bishop McGuinness; 3rd – Jordan Mitchell of South Stokes; 4th – Jaden Maness of Uwharrie Charter Academy
1A East 220: 1st – Tyler Parrish of Rosewood; 2nd – Tony Rogers of South Stanly; 3rd – Jaden Marion of Uwharrie Charter Academy; 4th – Tyler Stevens of Pamlico County
1A East 285: 1st – Naqian Carpenter of Albemarle; 2nd – Da`Rjon Smith of Pender; 3rd – Matthew Wade of Rosewood; 4th – Gideon Hope of Bishop McGuinness

1A West
1A West 106: 1st – Luke Wilson of Robbinsville; 2nd – Hope Horan of Mt Airy; 3rd – Marcos Sagahon of Alleghany; 4th – Francisco Turja of Avery County
1A West 113: 1st – Benjamin Jordan of Avery County; 2nd – Brady Buchanan of Cherryville; 3rd – Hunter Fulp of North Stokes; 4th – Aynsley Fink of Robbinsville
1A West 120: 1st – Grant Reece of Avery County; 2nd – Brandon Ropp of Rosman; 3rd – Logan Hyde of Murphy; 4th – Gavin Mann of Bradford Preparatory School
1A West 126: 1st – Jayden Nowell of Robbinsville; 2nd – Bryson Church of Alleghany; 3rd – Alex Cox of Mt Airy; 4th – Satchel McCoy of Polk County
1A West 132: 1st – Ethan Shell of Avery County; 2nd – Ryan Riffle of Cherryville; 3rd – Zac Helms of East Wilkes; 4th – Adam Cotterman of Swain County
1A West 138: 1st – Jonah Hayes of Avery County; 2nd – Cole Combs of Rosman; 3rd – Kole Lambert of East Wilkes; 4th – Cole Nixon of Starmount
1A West 145: 1st – Franklin Bennett of Mt Airy; 2nd – Johnathan Cable of Avery County; 3rd – Riley Pruitt of Alleghany; 4th – Nathan Halliday of Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy
1A West 152: 1st – Connor Medvar of Mt. Airy; 2nd – Tristan Adams of Avery County; 3rd – Isaac Stoker of Alleghany; 4th – Bryson McCraw of Polk County
1A West 160: 1st – Bradley Parker of Avery County; 2nd – Chase Miller of Cherryville; 3rd – Isaac Williams of Union Academy; 4th – Braden Taylor of Cherokee
1A West 170: 1st – Seth Blackledge of Avery County; 2nd – Matthew Mauro of Bradford Preparatory School; 3rd – Gabriel Lillard of Swain County; 4th – Jacob Knighton of Polk County
1A West 182: 1st – Kage Williams of Robbinsville; 2nd – Bunmi Abudu of Mountain Island Charter School; 3rd – Eli Becker of East Surry; 4th – Dalton Towe of Avery County
1A West 195: 1st – Kyle Fink of Robbinsville; 2nd – Jeshua Whited of Rosman; 3rd – Edwin Agavo of Mt. Airy; 4th – Daniel Villasenor of East Surry
1A West 220: 1st – Ben Wachacha of Robbinsville; 2nd – Zach Vance of Avery County; 3rd – Samuel Wood of Andrews; 4th – Saverio Lennon of Mt. Airy
1A West 285: 1st – Levi Andrews of Avery County; 2nd – CJ Henderson of Elkin; 3rd – Carlos Wesley of Robbinsville; 4th – Conner Driver of Swain County

2A East
2A East 106: 1st – Reagan Riddick of First Flight; 2nd – Carter Duhon of Southwest Onslow; 3rd – Braxton Woolard of Washington; 4th – Marshall Cooper of Currituck County
2A East 113: 1st – Jacob Kresicki of First Flight; 2nd – Chris Haro of South Lenoir
3rd – Josh Novak of Southwest Onslow; 4th – Jacob Bennet of Currituck County
2A East 120: 1st – Walker Bell of West Craven; 2nd – Adam Bullock of North Pitt
3rd – Blake Austin of First Flight; 4th – Brooke Zak of Currituck County
2A East 126: 1st – Samuel Hodge of Currituck County; 2nd – Isaac Campbell of Washington; 3rd – Kenneth Hasman of Dixon; 4th – Landon Horne of Southwest Onslow
2A East 132: 1st – Cooper Howe of Richlands; 2nd – Michael Linko of North Johnston;
3rd – Mathew Lieberman of Currituck County; 4th – Jensen Miller of Southwest Onslow
2A East 138: 1st – Jeremiah Cannon of West Craven; 2nd – Ethan Millis of Dixon; 3rd – Luke Walker of Croatan; 4th – Noah Walker of Currituck County
2A East 145: 1st – Keagan Bolman of Dixon; 2nd – Cody Raymond of Croatan; 3rd – Bryant Smith of Washington; 4th – Alex Logan of North Johnston
2A East 152: 1st – Tristen Nixon of Washington; 2nd – Ethan Binckley of Currituck County; 3rd – Jeremiah Jones of Southwest Onslow; 4th – Hunter Dickens of Ayden-Grifton
2A East 160: 1st – Ezekiel Jones of Southwest Onslow; 2nd – Daniel Bowers of Nash Central; 3rd – Adrian Desousa of Dixon; 4th – Ty`Von D`Antignac of Richlands
2A East 170: 1st – Jason Rodriguez Jr of Southwest Onslow; 2nd – Bryston Desousa of Dixon; 3rd – Gage Tomlin of First Flight; 4th – Tristan Reyes of South Lenoir
2A East 182: 1st – Milosz Gargol of First Flight; 2nd – Aaron Hunter of Roanoke Rapids; 3rd – Raheem Jones of North Pitt; 4th – Anthony Lowe of Southwest Onslow
2A East 195: 1st – Bryce McKeel of West Craven; 2nd – Dakota Gray of Croatan; 3rd – Trevor Schweitzer of First Flight; 4th – Adam Bonner of Washington
2A East 220: 1st – Alex Johnson of North Pitt; 2nd – Ryan Lindsay of Croatan; 3rd – Gabriel Soto of Bunn; 4th – Jeffrey Miles of Heide Trask
2A East 285: 1st – Alphonso Boyd of Ayden-Grifton; 2nd – Zach Lindsay of Croatan; 3rd – Jeffery Klugh of Currituck County; 4th – Rey Salinas of South Lenoir

2A Mideast
2A Mideast 106: 1st – Rayshun (RJ) James of Reidsville; 2nd – Spencer May of Trinity; 3rd – Jared Thomas of Morehead; 4th – Jaylan Scotton of Jordan-Matthews
2A Mideast 113: 1st – William (Seth) Redd of Reidsville; 2nd – Luis Garcia of Randleman; 3rd – Chris Grubb of Trinity; 4th – John Courson of Oak Grove
2A Mideast 120: 1st – Jasper Williamson of Reidsville; 2nd – Connor Wishon of Ledford; 3rd – Trey Swaney of Wheatmore; 4th – Jonathan Watson of Eastern Randolph
2A Mideast 126: 1st – Elijah Boyd of Reidsville; 2nd – Aaron Ortega Perez of Trinity; 3rd – Cameron Hinson of Wheatmore; 4th – Carlos Vasquez of Thomasville
2A Mideast 132: 1st – Landon MacFarland of Oak Grove; 2nd – Seth Miller of Wheatmore; 3rd – Landon Cartrette of Ledford; 4th – Allen Cohen of Morehead
2A Mideast 138: 1st – David Makupson of Trinity; 2nd – Ayden White of Morehead; 3rd – Eriberto Torres of Thomasville; 4th – John Gilmartin of Randleman
2A Mideast 145: 1st – Kevin Bell of South Granville; 2nd – Cole Prichard of Morehead; 3rd – Tyler Yokeley of Oak Grove; 4th – Zachary Wall of Anson
2A Mideast 152: 1st – Alex Minish of Trinity; 2nd – Julius Miller of Reidsville; 3rd – Mekhi Hairston of Morehead; 4th – Martin Tucker of East Davidson
2A Mideast 160: 1st – David Varner of Providence Grove; 2nd – Jaden Williams of Oak Grove; 3rd – Francesco Fulghieri of Carrboro; 4th – Elijah Schenkel of Eastern Randolph
2A Mideast 170: 1st – Brooks Freeman of Providence Grove; 2nd – Anthony Walls of Ledford; 3rd – Perry Welch of Wheatmore; 4th – Brayden Millner of Walkertown
2A Mideast 182: 1st – Sebastian Talent of Trinity; 2nd – Dylan Wall of Bartlett Yancey; 3rd – Kelvin Espinoza of Atkins; 4th – Mason Mabey of Oak Grove
2A Mideast 195: 1st – Ayden Prevatte of Trinity; 2nd – Jason Jelic of Carrboro; 3rd – Nicholas Harris of J.F. Webb; 4th – David Diaz, Jr of Reidsville
2A Mideast 220: 1st – Keyan Floyd of Reidsville; 2nd – Zane Williams of Oak Grove; 3rd – Xavier Roberts of Morehead; 4th – Christopher Buckman of Ledford
2A Mideast 285: 1st – Ki Rankin of Reidsville; 2nd – Johnny Peake of Atkins; 3rd – Cory Cranford of Ledford; 4th – Devon Thompson of Bartlett Yancey

2A Midwest
2A Midwest 106: 1st – Eli Thomas of Forbush; 2nd – Lawson Vang of Bunker Hill; 3rd – Trent Almond of Mt. Pleasant; 4th – Levi White of North Davidson
2A Midwest 113: 1st – Tyler Holland of Wilkes Central; 2nd – Devean Huskey of East Lincoln; 3rd – Grant Haney of Central Academy; 4th – Ryley Goble of South Point
2A Midwest 120: 1st – Kyle Montaperto of Central Academy; 2nd – Javon White of Salisbury; 3rd – David Mceachern of Mt. Pleasant; 4th – Raul Hernandez of Bunker Hill
2A Midwest 126: 1st – Elijah Harris of Central Academy; 2nd – Luke Davidson of East Lincoln; 3rd – Edwin Pozo of Forbush; 4th – Joey Levix of Bandys
2A Midwest 132: 1st – Hunter Ross of Central Academy; 2nd – Jorden Schlossman of North Lincoln; 3rd – Bryson Burkett of Bandys; 4th – Bryson Whitley of West Stanly
2A Midwest 138: 1st – Jacob Cox of South Rowan; 2nd – Ian Murdock of North Davidson; 3rd – Logan Fite of Central Academy; 4th – William Nix of Bandys
2A Midwest 145: 1st – Jeremiah Price of Surry Central; 2nd – Michael Lowry of Salisbury; 3rd – Will Simerson of West Davidson; 4th – Colin Lutz of Central Academy
2A Midwest 152: 1st – Aidan Hiott of West Stanly; 2nd – Caleb Hines of East Lincoln; 3rd – Jacob Price of Surry Central; 4th – Tyson Ryley of South Point
2A Midwest 160: 1st – Aiden Curry of Central Academy; 2nd – Dalton Miller of Mt. Pleasant; 3rd – Brayden Guess of Bunker Hill; 4th – Caleb Moore of Bandys
2A Midwest 170: 1st – Brady Ross of Central Academy; 2nd – Kyler Pickard of Mt. Pleasant; 3rd – Joseph Plyler of North Lincoln; 4th – Karson Crouse of Surry Central
2A Midwest 182: 1st – Grayson Cannon of East Lincoln; 2nd – Dallas Thomas of West Davidson; 3rd – Jordon Dininny of North Lincoln; 4th – Matthew Cranfill of Bandys
2A Midwest 195: 1st – Levi Kluttz of Mt. Pleasant; 2nd – Tkaii Gaither of Salisbury; 3rd – Zackory Evans of Bandys; 4th – Luke Hurley of Forbush
2A Midwest 220: 1st – Chase Crayton of Mt. Pleasant; 2nd – Bryan Gordon of West Stokes; 3rd – Massey Adam of East Gaston; 4th – Disqualified Wrestler
2A Midwest 285: 1st – Trent Smith of East Lincoln; 2nd – Curtus Wilson of Central Davidson; 3rd – Brendan Thompson of West Davidson; 4th – Aveon Newell of Lexington

2A West
2A West 106: 1st – Brayden Mejia of Fred T. Foard; 2nd – Albert Messer of Pisgah; 3rd – Riley Shaw of West Wilkes; 4th – Andy Saine of West Lincoln
2A West 113: 1st – Hunter Clark of Fred T. Foard; 2nd – Brady Mathis of East Henderson; 3rd – Sumter Horton of R-S Central; 4th – Eli Leatherman of West Lincoln
2A West 120: 1st – Josiah Honer of Hibriten; 2nd – Chade Norman of West Lincoln; 3rd – Spencer Bechtol of Fred T. Foard; 4th – Grayson Phillips of East Burke
2A West 126: 1st – Brock Carey of Fred T. Foard; 2nd – Langston Hoffman of West Lincoln; 3rd – Jajuan Givens of Hendersonville; 4th – Jamajah Patterson of Shelby
2A West 132: 1st – Luke Stewart of West Lincoln; 2nd – Ross Watts of Hibriten; 3rd – Drew Rowland of Ashe County; 4th – Jesse Phillips of Brevard
2A West 138: 1st – Louis Mehaffey of Pisgah; 2nd – Zachariah Lewis of R-S Central; 3rd – Caleb Johnson-White of East Burke; 4th – Quinlan Hunter of Lincolnton
2A West 145: 1st – Jamie Richard of Fred T. Foard; 2nd – Xander Hill of Pisgah; 3rd – Cody Jamerson of Madison; 4th – Sam Wilson of R-S Central
2A West 152: 1st – Lucas Whitted of Pisgah; 2nd – Ricky Reynolds of West Lincoln; 3rd – Dilan Patton of Patton; 4th – Conner Weaver of Fred T. Foard
2A West 160: 1st – Tucker Marshall of East Henderson; 2nd – Malaki Ryan of R-S Central
3rd – Matthew Peterson of Ashe County; 4th – Bryan Rodriguez of Franklin
2A West 170: 1st – Zane Birtchet of Fred T. Foard; 2nd – Jevon Snoddy of R-S Central; 3rd – David Queen of Pisgah; 4th – Patrick Goins of West Lincoln
2A West 182: 1st – Landon Foor of Fred T. Foard; 2nd – Gabriel Bare of Ashe County; 3rd – Braden Cody of Franklin; 4th – Elijah Powell of Lincolnton
2A West 195: 1st – Owen Clark of Newton-Conover; 2nd – Colby Mace of Fred T. Foard; 3rd – Timothy Peterson of Ashe County; 4th – Oliver Hughes of Mountain Heritage
2A West 220: 1st – Cole Clark of Newton-Conover; 2nd – Amorion Mcafee of Fred T. Foard; 3rd – Branden Berger of Franklin; 4th – Zay Barnes of Hibriten
2A West 285: 1st – Ryan Walker of Newton-Conover; 2nd – Alex Roland of West Wilkes; 3rd – Dylan Smith of Fred T. Foard; 4th – Dylan McClellan of Pisgah

3A East
3A East 106: 1st – Christian Zickefoose of West Brunswick; 2nd – Matthew Vindigni of Cleveland; 3rd – Seth Bliss of Havelock; 4th – Lilly Prendergast of South Brunswick
3A East 113: 1st – Isaac Gawronski of Swansboro; 2nd – Collin Jones of South Johnston; 3rd – Ethan McCullough of South Brunswick; 4th – Christopher Bonner of DH Conley
3A East 120: 1st – Ethan Lenyszyn of DH Conley; 2nd – Joseph Roeder of Cleveland; 3rd – Nate Lucio of Havelock; 4th – Tyler Cowell of Swansboro
3A East 126: 1st – Ethan Blevins of Topsail; 2nd – Tristan Hawkins of Clayton; 3rd – Cody Rutherford of Havelock; 4th – Joey Panas of North Brunswick
3A East 132: 1st – Omar Tucker of CB Aycock; 2nd – Garrett Williamson of Northern Nash; 3rd – Christian Mezzaroba of West Carteret; 4th – Jacob Mackleer of Topsail
3A East 138: 1st – Jacob Bennett of West Carteret; 2nd – Jackson Lusk of Franklinton; 3rd – Patrick McCullen of Fike; 4th – Theodore Yager of Swansboro
3A East 145: 1st – Hunter Campbell of North Brunswick; 2nd – Xavier McCullough of Havelock; 3rd – Drache Gooch of White Oak; 4th – Kamar Brown of Northside-Jacksonville
3A East 152: 1st – Franklin Melton of Clayton; 2nd – Wayde Sibley of West Brunswick; 3rd – Carson Hathaway of DH Conley; 4th – Dejon Fifer of White Oak
3A East 160: 1st – Yoel Del Rio of North Brunswick; 2nd – Vincent Page of Fike; 3rd – Noah Harrell of South Brunswick; 4th – Walker Kassnove of DH Conley
3A East 170: 1st – River Carroll of West Carteret; 2nd – William Germann of Franklinton; 3rd – Luke Coble of Southern Nash; 4th – Jordan Anderson of DH Conley
3A East 182: 1st – Troy Weaver of DH Conley; 2nd – Zametrie Bagley of Fike; 3rd – Julien Allison of Jacksonville; 4th – Jadel Davis of Southern Nash
3A East 195: 1st – Jayleen Bullock of Fike; 2nd – Noah Atkinson of South Brunswick; 3rd – Josh Henderson of West Carteret; 4th – William Carter of CB Aycock
3A East 220: 1st – Derek Waiau of Havelock; 2nd – Turner Bass of CB Aycock; 3rd – Joshua Knipe of West Carteret; 4th – Gabriel Anderson of DH Conley
3A East 285: 1st – Isaiah Verspoor of Havelock; 2nd – Terrence Raspberry of Southern Nash; 3rd – DeSaun Avent of Fike; 4th – Rashid O`Neal of DH Conley

3A Mideast
3A Mideast 106: 1st – Josh Miller of Northwood; 2nd – Ahston O’Neal of Southern Durham; 3rd – Christopher Watson of Eastern Alamance; 4th – Jerald Brown of Gray`s Creek;
3A Mideast 113: 1st – Dakota Little of Westover; 2nd – Samuel Aponte of Cape Fear; 3rd – Dillon Heffernan of Orange; 4th – Adam Salazar of Eastern Guilford
3A Mideast 120: 1st – Lucas Daley of Chapel Hill; 2nd – Christian Rothrock of Douglas Byrd; 3rd – Diego Jimenez of Person; 4th – ShyHeem Davis of Southern Durham
3A Mideast 126: 1st – Lucas Daley of Chapel Hill; 2nd – Christian Rothrock of Douglas Byrd; 3rd – Diego Jimenez of Person; 4th – ShyHeem Davis of Southern Durham
3A Mideast 132: 1st – Will Lewis of Western Harnett; 2nd – Kessel Summers of Orange; 3rd – Andrew Clark of Union Pines; 4th – Ivan Benitez of Eastern Alamance
3A Mideast 138: 1st – Dominick Molinari of Southern Alamance; 2nd – Cameron Rivera of Eastern Alamance; 3rd – Jailin Smith of Person; 4th – Gaige Lloyd of Union Pines
3A Mideast 145: 1st – Calan Staub of Cape Fear; 2nd – Chris Clark of Union Pines; 3rd – Matthew Smith-Breeden of Orange; 4th – Daina Pritchard of Cedar Ridge
3A Mideast 152: 1st – Aaron Faison of Union Pines; 2nd – Nicholas Williams of Triton; 3rd – Dawson Thibodeau of Person; 4th – Dawson Travis of Cape Fear
3A Mideast 160: 1st – Alexander Gunning of Chapel Hill; 2nd – Laye Conneh of Eastern Guilford; 3rd – Memphis Naugle of Terry Sanford; 4th – Nathan Williams of Triton
3A Mideast 170: 1st – Aiden McCafferty of Union Pines; 2nd – Jaden Paul of Cape Fear; 3rd – Henry Joubert-Stanzel of Orange; 4th – Julian Rodriguez of Eastern Alamance
3A Mideast 182: 1st – Colin Pettine of Union Pines; 2nd – Brendon Worsham of Orange; 3rd – Jose Zambrano of Harnett Central; 4th – Cliff Davis of Northwood
3A Mideast 195: 1st – Perry Sharpe of Eastern Guilford; 2nd – De`Jour Allen of Williams; 3rd – Marcus Williams of Westover; 4th – Zakery Lieske of Person
3A Mideast 220: 1st – Jacob Vickers of Eastern Guilford; 2nd – Hayden Horne of Orange; 3rd – Remington Workman of Westover; 4th – Xavion Richardson of Triton
3A Mideast 285: 1st – Garrett Crockett of Gray`s Creek; 2nd – Cullen MacDonagh of Lee County; 3rd – Zyon McEachin of Douglas Byrd; 4th – Vincent Valentin of Cape Fear

3A Midwest
3A Midwest 106: 1st – Charleston Baglio of Central Cabarrus; 2nd – Noah Cauble of Piedmont; 3rd – Christopher Almarez-Edwards of Western Guilford; 4th – Xavier Santos of Asheboro
3A Midwest 113: 1st – Jackson Baglio of Central Cabarrus; 2nd – Cooper Davis of Cox Mill; 3rd – Trevor Freeman of A.L. Brown; 4th – Luke Heglar of East Rowan
3A Midwest 120: 1st – Aldo Hernandez of Montgomery Central; 2nd – Joey Bruscino of Southeast Guilford; 3rd – Jake Cauble of Piedmont; 4th – Ethan Lopez of Southwest Guilford
3A Midwest 126: 1st – Tripp Collins of Piedmont; 2nd – Marcus Jackson of Central Cabarrus; 3rd – Shayden Edwards of East Rowan; 4th – James Poole of Northern Guilford
3A Midwest 132: 1st – Stephen Cotton of Southern Guilford; 2nd – Connor Goodman of Jay M. Robinson; 3rd – Cohen Beane of Northern Guilford; 4th – Luke Harrison of West Rowan
3A Midwest 138: 1st – Daniel Tierney of Concord; 2nd – Caleb Simpson of Parkwood; 3rd – Devin King of Weddington; 4th – Cruz Parral of Asheboro
3A Midwest 145: 1st – Colby Locklear of Piedmont; 2nd – Trevor Goldston of Asheboro; 3rd – Johnathan Lopez of Southeast Guilford; 4th – Drake Cadle of Jesse Carson
3A Midwest 152: 1st – Luke Masterton of Central Cabarrus; 2nd – Kristian Jones of Dudley; 3rd – Garrett Benfield of Northern Guilford; 4th – Joshua Heyward of Jay M. Robinson
3A Midwest 160: 1st – Oren Bost of East Rowan; 2nd – John Lewis of Piedmont; 3rd – Darius Evans of Northern Guilford; 4th – Luke Lambeth of Asheboro
3A Midwest 170: 1st – Louden Peters of Northern Guilford; 2nd – Logan Lambeth of Asheboro; 3rd – Riley Nimer of Concord; 4th – Micheal Forney of Central Cabarrus
3A Midwest 182: 1st – Tayron Frost of East Rowan; 2nd – Gavin Hartsell of A.L. Brown; 3rd – Samuel Cowher of Cox Mill; 4th – Elijah Hildreth of Asheboro
3A Midwest 195: 1st – Max Steele of Southeast Guilford; 2nd – Jerrett Rayfield of Piedmont; 3rd – Linwood King of Southern Guilford; 4th – Janyd Houghton of Weddington
3A Midwest 220: 1st – Andrew Macchiavello of Sun Valley; 2nd – Ryan Whetzel of Piedmont; 3rd – Bryce Gadson of Cox Mill; 4th – Nelson Pascual-Mateo of Concord
3A Midwest 285: 1st – Jamier Ferere of Southern Guilford; 2nd – Cody Hardy of Parkwood; 3rd – Alex McCalop of Southeast Guilford; 4th – Oluwaferanmi Bamikole of Central Cabarrus

3A West
3A West 106: 1st – Joey Baisley of Charlotte Catholic; 2nd – Caleb Haynes of North Gaston; 3rd – Ashton Schutz of Cuthbertson; 4th – Aiden Ball of Tuscola
3A West 113: 1st – Lazaro Vasquez of North Henderson; 2nd – Damon Landreth of West Henderson; 3rd – Charlie Sly of Cramer; 4th – Leo Martinez of Statesville
3A West 120: 1st – Henry Portela of North Henderson; 2nd – Matt Karagias of Cramer; 3rd – Parker Galliher of Statesville; 4th – Isaiah Morrison of Enka
3A West 126: 1st – Chance Cottingham of North Gaston; 2nd – Ethan Robinson of North Buncombe; 3rd – Evan Trossi of St. Stephens; 4th – Peyton Fincher of North Henderson
3A West 132: 1st – Jacob Massengill of Forestview; 2nd – Brady Connell of St. Stephens; 3rd – Maykol Santi of North Buncombe; 4th – Antonio Caldwell of Statesville
3A West 138: 1st – Rex Howard of Crest; 2nd – Grant Kahlenberg of Cuthbertson; 3rd – Kymani Evans of St. Stephens; 4th – Mason Baker of Tuscola
3A West 145: 1st – Zack Karagias of Cramer; 2nd – Eli Foster of Enka; 3rd – Trevon Hill of North Henderson; 4th – Noah Zandy of Cuthbertson
3A West 152: 1st – Greyson Harris of Enka; 2nd – Stone Shapiro of North Buncombe; 3rd – Jack McDermid of Cuthbertson; 4th – Kalvin Khang of Freedom
3A West 160: 1st – Tony Torres of Enka; 2nd – Elijah Antis of Ashbrook; 3rd – Elijah Peal of Alexander Central; 4th – Ulises Vega De La Mora of North Henderson
3A West 170: 1st – Luke Artz of Enka; 2nd – Jonathon O`Shea of Cramer; 3rd – Elijah Brown of A.C. Reynolds; 4th – Alex Mendoza of North Henderson
3A West 182: 1st – Andre Britt of St. Stephens; 2nd – Trey Crawford of Kings Mountain; 3rd – Andrew Templeton of Charlotte Catholic; 4th – Will Akers of North Iredell
3A West 195: 1st – Colby Maxwell of Enka; 2nd – Will Parker of West Henderson; 3rd – Jadon Mintz of Tuscola; 4th – Mike Rank of South Iredell
3A West 220: 1st – Triston Norris of North Henderson; 2nd – Elijah Hurt of North Iredell; 3rd – Dylan Donaldson of South Iredell; 4th – Jacob Nix of North Buncombe
3A West 285: 1st – AJ Richardson of Kings Mountain; 2nd – Myles Lopez of Cuthbertson; 3rd – Giovanni Bernal of Hunter Huss; 4th – Eddie Flores of North Iredell

4A East
4A East 106: 1st – Paul Denioa of New Bern; 2nd – Daniel Martinez of Wakefield; 3rd – Ben Gill of Rolesville; 4th – Bryanna Luihn of Wake Forest
4A East 113: 1st – Jacob Falk of Rolesville; 2nd – Hagan Meyer of Wakefield; 3rd – Oscar Limon-Zarzosa of Hoggard; 4th – Nithin Chaganty of Athens Drive
4A East 120: 1st – Mark Samuel of Laney; 2nd – Frank Bianco of Rolesville; 3rd – Cael Bergquist of Heritage; 4th – Quincy Cornish of Athens Drive
4A East 126: 1st – Sam Barnett of New Bern; 2nd – Avery Buonocore of Laney; 3rd – Zachary O`Briant of Wake Forest; 4th – Aydan Gwisdalla of Leesville Road
4A East 132: 1st – Jayden Harrison of Laney; 2nd – John Helmers of Heritage; 3rd – Cole Patterson of Leesville Road; 4th – Mohammad Zamen of Rolesville
4A East 138: 1st – Noah Thomas of Laney; 2nd – Nathan Henshall of Leesville Road; 3rd – Keegan Herbst of Ashley; 4th – William Cannaday of South Central
4A East 145: 1st – Conner Johnson of Laney; 2nd – Ryder Mortensen of Ashley; 3rd – Jeremiah Smith of Heritage; 4th – Kody Buck of South Central
4A East 152: 1st – Logan Haseley of Corinth Holders; 2nd – D`Jarvis Poole of Laney; 3rd – William Jurney of Millbrook; 4th – Brighson Judson of Leesville Road
4A East 160: 1st – Daniel Shoaf of Laney; 2nd – Ben Lance of Wake Forest; 3rd – Alex Hopper of New Bern; 4th – Luke Oates of Athens Drive
4A East 170: 1st – Devon Bell of Laney; 2nd – Ethan Kring of Sanderson; 3rd – Thomas McHale of Wake Forest; 4th – Elliot Hollis of Enloe
4A East 182: 1st – Holden Cypher of Millbrook; 2nd – Ethan Files of Ashley; 3rd – Charles Bishop of Laney; 4th – Jataurus White of Athens Drive
4A East 195: 1st – Caleb Beaty of Wake Forest; 2nd – Kanenan Barriner of Laney; 3rd – Seth Johnson of Heritage; 4th – Marcus Grist of New Bern
4A East 220: 1st – Preston Collie of Corinth Holders; 2nd – Aaron Hollis of Enloe; 3rd – Benjamin Morris of Knightdale; 4th – Logan Shiers of New Bern
4A East 285: 1st – Javari Wright of Corinth Holders; 2nd – Emmanuel Bell of Laney; 3rd – Alberto Hernandez of Rolesville; 4th – Cyril Rodts of Millbrook

4A Mideast
4A Mideast 106: 1st – Johnny Ramos of Cary; 2nd – Owen Hibberd of Middle Creek; 3rd – Jacob Hale of Apex Friendship; 4th – Laila Sa of Hoke County
4A Mideast 113: 1st – Hunter Gundry of Cardinal Gibbons; 2nd – Ma`Kya Kerns of Lumberton; 3rd – Samineo Myers of Fuquay-Varina; 4th – Finn Urmey of Green Hope
4A Mideast 120: 1st – Luke Kunath of Cardinal Gibbons; 2nd – Jackson Ealy of Green Hope; 3rd – Cameron Schmidt of Holly Springs; 4th – Trinity Blue of Jack Britt
4A Mideast 126: 1st – Luke Fogleman of Riverside-Durham; 2nd – Darius McKenzie of Middle Creek; 3rd – Matthew Foil of Lumberton; 4th – Mason Hawks of Fuquay-Varina
4A Mideast 132: 1st – Tyler Tracy of Cardinal Gibbons; 2nd – Isaiah Williams of Apex;
3rd – Landen Nelson of Hoke County; 4th – Tyler Middledorf of Panther Creek
4A Mideast 138: 1st – Ryan Boyer of Fuquay-Varina; 2nd – Britton Janet of Cardinal Gibbons; 3rd – Cedric Griffin of Hoke County; 4th – Ali Adloo of Panther Creek
4A Mideast 145: 1st – Maxwell Kiel of Jordan; 2nd – Jackson Buck of Lumberton; 3rd – Cole McGee of Cardinal Gibbons; 4th – Tanner Trousdale of Fuquay-Varina
4A Mideast 152: 1st – Sam Grena of Cary; 2nd – Bradley Garrity of Panther Creek; 3rd – Davieyon King-McAllister of Lumberton; 4th – Jack Nystrom of Fuquay-Varina
4A Mideast 160: 1st – Joseph Lock of Jack Britt; 2nd – Luke Rider of Holly Springs; 3rd – Austin Roberts of Fuquay-Varina; 4th – Jake Badalamenti of Riverside-Durham
4A Mideast 170: 1st – Savoy New of Cardinal Gibbons; 2nd – Eric Schaefer of Panther Creek; 3rd – Darionte McLaurin of Lumberton; 4th – Jake Wolfram of Cary
4A Mideast 182: 1st – Kenson Sinclair of Lumberton; 2nd – Caleb Joines of Jordan; 3rd – Deidrick Rush of Hoke County; 4th – Reid Fallows of Middle Creek
4A Mideast 195: 1st – Quintez Shipman of Lumberton; 2nd – Hunter Berryhill of Overhills; 3rd – Jaleel Parks of South View; 4th – Sebastian Whitesock of Green Hope
4A Mideast 220: 1st – Noah Williams of Apex; 2nd – Joshua George of South View; 3rd – Devean Thaggard of Seventy-First; 4th – Terrance Carmichael of Middle Creek
4A Mideast 285: 1st – Rylan Vann of Cary; 2nd – Stephen Holland of Middle Creek; 3rd – Kareem Crawford of South View; 4th – Geronimo Oxendine of Hoke County

4A Midwest
4A Midwest 106: 1st – Joseph Burns of West Forsyth; 2nd – Riley Logan of Glenn; 3rd – Bradley Yokum of Ragsdale; 4th – Noah Malave of Pinecrest
4A Midwest 113: 1st – Matt Rowland of Pinecrest; 2nd – Eli Pendergrass of Northwest Guilford; 3rd – Emmanuel Jarquin of West Forsyth; 4th – Xander Bayle of Glenn
4A Midwest 120: 1st – Adam Szewczyk of Davie; 2nd – Will Gibson of Northwest Guilford; 3rd – Isaiah Wilson of Glenn; 4th – Cade Browning of Pinecrest
4A Midwest 126: 1st – Hunter Jones of Hickory Ridge; 2nd – Lane Hill of Davie; 3rd – Dylan Pepin of Northwest Guilford; 4th – Isaac Sheehan of Glenn
4A Midwest 132: 1st – James Joplin of Northwest Guilford; 2nd – Tyler Snyder of Davie; 3rd – Christian Hasty of Porter Ridge; 4th – Riley Merchant of Pinecrest
4A Midwest 138: 1st – Drew Pepin of Northwest Guilford; 2nd – Collin Coulson of West Forsyth; 3rd – Cayden Scott of Purnell Swett; 4th – Syler Weber of Porter Ridge
4A Midwest 145: 1st – Riley Edwards of Northwest Guilford; 2nd – Toure Moore of Grimsley; 3rd – Jacob Woodburn of Page; 4th – Collin Bailey of Davie
4A Midwest 152: 1st – Joseph Sealey of High Point Central; 2nd – Isaac Webb of Davie; 3rd – Kaylin Foust of Hickory Ridge; 4th – Colin Queen of Northwest Guilford
4A Midwest 160: 1st – Jayden Dobeck of Pinecrest; 2nd – Alex Bentley of Hickory Ridge; 3rd – Tucker Arnold of West Forsyth; 4th – Matthew Downey of Davie
4A Midwest 170: 1st – Jack Jarvis of Davie; 2nd – Michael Quinones of East Forsyth; 3rd – Gavin Millard of Pinecrest; 4th – Tomas Brooker of Hickory Ridge
4A Midwest 182: 1st – Robert Hyder of Pinecrest; 2nd – Jacob Zaitawi of West Forsyth; 3rd – Hunter Testa of Davie; 4th – Noah Richardson of Glenn
4A Midwest 195: 1st – Omari Lee of Glenn; 2nd – Aidan Meagher of West Forsyth; 3rd – Parker Jones of Hickory Ridge; 4th – Donorris Abbew of Northwest Guilford
4A Midwest 220: 1st – Nathan Carnes of Porter Ridge; 2nd – Will Brock of Pinecrest; 3rd – Mack David of West Forsyth; 4th – Michael Locklear of Scotland
4A Midwest 285: 1st – Nicholas Glasgow of Ragsdale; 2nd – Jemel Craig-Blakely of Ronald Reagan; 3rd – Marcus Harnarain of Northwest Guilford; 4th – David Eldridge of West Forsyth

4A West
4A West 106: 1st – Cameron Stinson of Mallard Creek; 2nd – Calvin Nguyen of Mooresville; 3rd – Leyton Bean of Olympic; 4th – Brighton Deal of South Caldwell
4A West 113: 1st – Landon Bean of Olympic; 2nd – Noah Murray of Lake Norman; 3rd – Collin Neith of Mooresville; 4th – Evan Slack of South Mecklenburg
4A West 120: 1st – Noah Luna of Providence; 2nd – Patrick Iacoves of Lake Norman; 3rd – Jeffrey Rion of Mallard Creek; 4th – Jonah McBurney of South Caldwell
4A West 126: 1st – William Cline of Providence; 2nd – Brandt Fajerman of Hough; 3rd – Brody Neal of Lake Norman; 4th – Cam Parker of Ardrey Kell
4A West 132: 1st – Tobias Finn of McDowell; 2nd – Tyler Caldwell of Hough; 3rd – Trey O`Connor of Mallard Creek; 4th – Jovante Noble of Olympic
4A West 138: 1st – Richard Treanor of Hough; 2nd – Davis Freeze of Mooresville; 3rd – Jalen Ready of Hopewell; 4th – Cooper Marshall of Ardrey Kell
4A West 145: 1st – Eli Murray of Lake Norman; 2nd – Jun Figueredo of Hough; 3rd – Trey Johnson of East Mecklenburg; 4th – Johnny Merriman of Mooresville
4A West 152: 1st – Jake Emmert of Mooresville; 2nd – Hayden Fann of Lake Norman; 3rd – Ksun Rock of Vance; 4th – Jeffrey Hoelscher of South Mecklenburg
4A West 160: 1st – Luke Goodin of Mooresville; 2nd – Justin Sanders of Hough; 3rd – Amir Haynes of Olympic; 4th – Jackson Riley of Ardrey Kell
4A West 170: 1st – Alex Cowart of Hough; 2nd – Karl Trapp of East Mecklenburg; 3rd – Preston Dennison of McDowell; 4th – Noah Rupp of Providence
4A West 182: 1st – Paulique Noble of Olympic; 2nd – Michael Pepe of Hough; 3rd – Alexander Jones of South Mecklenburg; 4th – Xzayvion Dorn of East Mecklenburg
4A West 195: 1st – Carson Floyd of Lake Norman; 2nd – Caleb Tate of Mooresville; 3rd – Chris Dickey of East Mecklenburg; 4th – Jesse Barrier of McDowell
4A West 220: 1st – Sakarri Morrison of Lake Norman; 2nd – Collin Campbell of McDowell; 3rd – Ray Watson of Mooresville; 4th – Kailyn Toussaint of Olympic
4A West 285: 1st – Julian Rawlins of Hough; 2nd – Austyn Barton of Mooresville; 3rd – Brice Boyd of Mallard Creek; 4th – Bruce Perry of East Mecklenburg

from James Alverson, Director of Media for the NCHSAA