The Morning Run:Sounds of Summer(This Week’s Top Ten List)

Oh, the Sounds of Summer….It is almost officially here for 2021…Remember the “Summer of 2020??? What were you doing last year about this time???

You could feel the return of the Summer heat out there today, on the Morning Run…The temps are heading back up, but there was still a nice sweet Summer Breeze blowing through the trees, this morning…You could still feel that breeze, as you headed down the street/road…

Summer Time in the city…..Running down the road, trying to loosen your load…Hopefully you left most of that load, back in the commode/toilet, before you headed out on the Morning Run….

Best to run as light as possible, on those Morning Runs…I could give you all of the tips in the world, but my best tip, would be to listen in, as we bring some you of the key Sounds of Summer, and some of the sights of Summer too…

We have the sun coming up at dawn each morning, and we have Tony Orlando and Dawn too…Here is their Summer masterpiece, “Summer Sand”…Looks like this might be a black market version of the song, as Tony appears to be lip syncing this one…Makes for an entertaining version of “Summer Sand”…Not your typical Tony Orlando look….Check it out, CLICK ON BELOW…

How about those Summer Nights??? From the Movie Grease, we have “Summer Nights”…Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more…We will when you CLICK ON BELOW….John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John will do most of the talking/singing…

They say there’s really nothing like, Summer in the City…The Lovin’ Spoonful has this one on track, 8-track as you look back, and here they come now, with “Summer in the City”…Hot time, Summer in the City, the back of my neck feeling hot and sweaty/gritty…..

I always thought this was a good/sweet Summertime song…Robbin Thompson and his tune, Sweet Virginia Breeze…That’s Robbin, with Two B’s Please, Thompson…Not too far away, and you are in either Martinsville, or Danville, in a hurry…Sweet Virginia Breeze….CLICK ON BELOW…

Here is one more quick Summer Tune, from Tony Orlando and Dawn…Candida, not to be confused with Chris Candido, and with Candida, Tony says the further from here girl the better, we can make it together…Tony’s gots it going on this morning, on The Morning Run…CLICK NOW…

Our spiritual/motivational tune/song of the day comes in on this Friday Morning Run, from Ray Stevens…Everything is Beautiful…Ray does it his way…He says like a starry Summer Night, “Everything is Beautiful”…Your’e going to love it, CLICK ON BELOW, and do it NOW!!!!!

Our Top Ten for this week goes along with the Sounds and even some of the Sights of Summer….

Top Ten Sounds and Sights of Summer…..
4)Baseball bats smacking baseballs
5)The crashing sounds of water crashing, as people hit the swimming pools
6)The sights of Lightning Bugs/Fireflies
7)The sound of the Popcorn Popper popping popcorn at the ballpark or swimming pool, and the smell of the Popcorn Popper burning, if it catches on fire…Have seen that happen a few times, over the years…And that smell of burning Popcorn, you will never forget it….
8)The sight of a SNAKE!!!!!
9)The sound of tractor plowing/gathering hay in a field, and a cow mooooing in the background…
10)The sound of a lawnmower or weed eater, getting the yard done…..
++++++++++A bonus for you…The sound of Birds singing at the morning light…++++++++++

There you have it for this week…That is our Morning Run for Friday June 18, 2021…We are done, and we hope it was fun for you…The best show on the video go, for today…We have been there and done that, and now since you have climbed on board, you have been there and done that too…See you all again, in here next week….Spread the word, like a bird in the Summer of 2021, we are here for you….

**************Due to demand, not sure if it is Popular or Unpopular Demand, but here it is….The theme music from The Summer of 42…A super movie back in the day, “The Summer of 42″…Michael Legrand with the instrumentals…CLICK ON NOW….***************

$$$$$$$$$$ I found another Andy, and he is going to sing The Summer of 42 for us…Take it away Andy, when you CLICK ON BELOW…$$$$$$$$$$

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  1. Load in the commode….Makes for a great rhyme…Right on time…I am a poet, and I know it, and if I have the opportunity, it is time to show it, and we have on numerous occasions…ENJOY

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