BODYARMOR State Games: Weekend 3 Wrap Up!

?The week started with our High School Lacrosse Showcase at Durham County Stadium featuring some of the best lacrosse players in the state. We followed that up with a FULL weekend of actions including Youth Ice Hockey, Pickleball, Karate, Taekwondo, High School Soccer, Youth Soccer, Youth Softball, Swimming & Mountain Bike and two of our newest additions, Ninja and Esports!

We’d like to thank everyone who participate and congratulate all of our medal winners!

CLICK HERE for the Full Schedule and Results….

Soccer player Djovany Worley won a silver medal as a member of Team South this past weekend.

The now 17-year-old started playing soccer when he was seven. Leaving his home country of Hati, Worley moved to North Carolina in 2019. Soccer has been a constant in his life ever since he gave it a try.

“I saw a man with one arm playing street soccer in Hati,” said Worley. “My whole life to that point, people said I couldn’t play, but that man was proof I could. After I saw that, I had to try. I kept trying. Now, I’m a soccer player. I’m proud to be on this field with my teammates.”

Worley encourages kids with and without disabilities to find a sport they love and just start playing.

“Give it a try,” said Worley. “I can do it so you can too. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t because you can. I’m betting on you. I’m cheering for you. Have fun. Good luck.”

Enfry Mendez spent his Father’s Day playing pickleball as his wife and two daughters cheered him on. He did not win a medal, but Mendez did not want to spend his Father’s Day anywhere else.

“I love this game,” said Mendez. “I have my wife and daughters here. I’m glad I get to share that love with them.”

The 37-year-old is a first time at the BODYARMOR State Games participant. However, he is no stranger to competition, previously competing in the US Open Pickleball Championships.

“I started playing four years ago,” said Mendez. “I used to see people playing at the gym. One day I decided to jump in and play. I’ve been hooked ever since. I see many more State Games in my future.”

Who knows maybe pickleball will become a Father’s Day tradition in the Mendez household?

We’ve still got lots of action up coming up this summer! Check out the Calendar of Events for a full list of what’s going on and where. This week’s line-up includes:
High School Softball @ Duke University & Thomas Brooks Park
Kickball @ Wake Competition Center
Rugby @ The MAC
High School Baseball @ Boshamer Stadium @ UNC Chapel Hill & Historic Durham Athletic Park