LA Dodgers manager Dave Roberts did not think the “Sticky Stuff” on a baseball was ‘cheating’:”It is an Art Form and Gamesmanship”

Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Didn’t Believe Sticky Stuff Was ‘Cheating’
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Across Major League Baseball, pitchers have been using sticky substances to try to increase their spin rates and give them extra grip. Now, MLB is making an effort to prevent pitchers from using foreign substances as offense across the sport is at an all-time low.

It’s a swift change from MLB having turned a blind eye to the practice despite rules clearly banning the use of substances to manipulate the baseball. “I think that cheating is more of when rules are imposed or in place, and you break them,” Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts recently said.

“But I think we’re getting to that point. As I do understand it, players that do get caught using a foreign substance that’s not allowed by Major League Baseball will be deemed cheaters. But up to this point, I think the line is kind of blurred and players are going to use whatever advantage they can when things are blurred.”

Roberts went on to add players have been trying to gain a competitive advantage in every era, so it has become more of an art and form of gamesmanship.