The Morning Run:’Keep on Keeping On”(Top Ten for this Week)

Not matter what you are doing, running or walking, working or talking, you just have to “Keep On Keeping On”…On the Morning Run, got in a good neighborhood workout run this morning….Sort of running in circles, but keeping some good breakdowns, with corners and straight line streets, all mixed into one nice Morning Run

The weather is still real nice, and it has been nice all week long….A good week for the Morning Runs, Monday thru Friday variety…As I have been running along this week, and even more so today, I have been doing some thinking about the importance of “Keep on Keeping on”…Got to keep moving, got to keep on going, and pushing forward…

To keep on moving on, we have some keepers here for you today, on The Morning Run

Let’s begin with Keep on the Sunny Side…from the Carter Family, and from the movie, O Brother Where Art Thou…Let’s do it, let’s Keep on the Sunny Side of life…CLICK ON BELOW…

It is very important to Keep on Smiling…Keep on Keeping On, and Keep on Smiling from Wet Willie…Click On Below…

K.C. and The Sunshine Band tells us to Keep it Coming Love…And do that, Keep on Keeping On and Keep it Coming…

As you Keep on Keeping On, The Spencer Davis Group tells us we need to Keep On Running…Click Below and let it all go…Good energy here…Keep On Running…

I still think this song may say it best…To Keep on Keeping On, you have to be an Overcomer…We have had this one on here with us before, and it is worth bringing back again, Mandisa with Overcomer….CLICK BELOW

That’s this week’s list and group of videos, and here we go up next on The Morning Run, with our Top Ten for this week…

Looking at the Top Ten Seafood Items you might see on your menu, and then you might see them on your plate this Summer…

Top Ten Seafood Items for the Summer of 2021

That’s a pretty good menu right there, and let’s all hope you get a chance to dig into some of that Seafood mix this Summer…And that is it for us for this week…This is about an one hour show, and then we have to go…But, we will leave you with the Videos, and a Top Ten List, that will be hard to top…See you next week, and Keep it on The Morning Run…And be sure to do this, this week and beyond, “Keep On Keeping On”