Professional Wrestlers who have been busy acting outside of the ring

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Pro wrestling is a mix of athletics and acting. The matches may be scripted, but the physicality is still real in many ways. However, in pro wrestling, the performers also have to take on personas and do some form of acting. Many wrestlers end up taking the acting into realms beyond the squared circle. Dozens of wrestlers have acted in movies and films. Some have found success, others were maybe better off sticking to the staged fighting. Here’s a list of wrestlers who took a chance in the world of acting and made a splash, good or bad. Also, for the sake of ease, we are using the names they are known as in their wrestling careers. No need to break kayfabe.

Dwayne Johnson
When Johnson began acting, he was billed as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to build on the success he had as a wrestler. Now? Johnson doesn’t need the help. He’s maybe the biggest movie star in the world. He makes action films like those in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise and has the family-friendly blockbusters in the “Jumanji” series. Oh, and his own TV show about his life, “Young Rock.”

Hulk Hogan
New Line
Hogan was one of the first wrestlers to truly crossover into being a superstar. Now, were his movies all that good? Do you have fond feelings about “Mr. Nanny,” “Suburban Commando,” or “Santa with Muscles?” Perhaps not, but the fact remains the Hulkster was the legit lead in major motion picture releases.

Dave Bautista
We owe it to the power of Marvel that they managed to turn the Guardians of the Galaxy into popular characters that could make huge money at the box office. In the mix for the Guardians is Bautista, who dropped the “u” in his wrestling days to go as Batista. The big man is best known as Drax, but he’s also in the upcoming “Dune” movie.

John Cena
Wrestlers becoming action stars is maybe not that big of a surprise. After all, many of them are huge dudes with muscles. Cena has done action films to be sure, but he’s been surprisingly successful in comedy. He’ll be combining action and comedy with his upcoming role in the soft reboot of “The Suicide Squad,” which should take him to a whole new level.

Andre the Giant
20th Century Fox
Andre was, well, giant, which certainly was considered when it came to casting the massive man in a movie. He’s mostly known for playing Fezzik in the beloved “The Princess Bride.” Unfortunately, by that point in his life Andre was dealing with so much pain he couldn’t even carry Robin Wright.

Sasha Banks
What has been the biggest TV show in the last few years? You could argue it’s “The Mandalorian.” All the Baby Yoda memes would seem to agree. It’s her only acting role outside of the world of wrestling thus far, but the fact that Banks played Koska Reeves in “The Mandalorian” means she got seen by more viewers than most wrestlers ever will.

Kevin Nash
In Nash’s first acting role, he was hired solely for his size. The big man also known in wrestling as Diesel (and Vinnie Vegas) played Super Shredder in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze.” Then, he got a chance to do some actual acting, including in “Magic Mike” and “John Wick.”

Roddy Piper
We could talk about “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s turn in “Hell Comes to Frogtown,” but that would only be to mention the fact that there’s a movie called “Hell Comes to Frogtown” that exists. In truth, though, people primarily remember Piper’s acting from his starring role in John Carpenter’s “They Live.”