Aaron Wiggins(Maryland/WES/Grimsley HS/Forest Valley Outdoor Court) will be keeping his name in the NBA Draft

Aaron Wiggins, from the Maryland Terrapins, Wesleyan Christian Academy Trojans, and from the Grimsley Whirlies, will be keeping his name in the NBA Draft….This coming in from what appears to be his Instagram account…I have been talking to Aaron’s brother Josh, the past couple of Sundays, and Josh has been telling me that the NBA Draft workouts have been going great for Aaron Wiggins…

Aaron, Josh and Zack Wiggins all grew up right across the street from my favorite outdoor basketball court, Forest Valley Basketball Court….Josh has been out there shooting on Sundays in recent weeks, when I have stopped by to get my shots in…Forty-one years now, and I have been either playing or shooting basketball on Sunday afternoons, and it is always good to get a word in with Josh, Aaron, Zack, or even their dad, Tim Wiggins, at the outdoor court in Forest Valley….

Josh told me Aaron is really looking forward to the NBA Draft, and it should be coming up in the middle of July….

Zack Wiggins will be attending Grimsley High School this coming Fall, and Zack will be a freshman, at Grimsley…Zack may end up being the top basketball player to come out of the Wiggins household…Zack is now at 6’3/6’4, and he is projected to end up at around 6’9….I do feel that if Zack Wiggins continues to grow and improve, you may see him become the top high school player in Greensboro…He could become one of the top players to ever come out of Greensboro, maybe in the Danny Manning mold….

For now, the BIG news is Aaron Wiggins is staying in the 2021 NBA Draft, and will forego his senior season at the University of Maryland….

from what appears to be Aaron Wiggins’ Instagram account:

My Story, My Journey, My Decision….

I will be keeping my name in the 2021 NBA Draft…

Josh Wiggins was the man on the spot a couple of Sunday back, when he got may ball out of the creek, down at Forest Valley…Josh saved the day, and he saved my basketball….