The Morning Run:Halfway Home(This Week’s Top Ten List)

We are halfway done with 2021, and the month of July is halfway over…Everything is getting out of here in a hurry, and we can’t go back, on The Morning Run, because we are halfway home….The finish line is in sight, and we can’t go back….We have to keep on heading for home..

Keep on running, and don’t look back, unless you need to pick up a few of the missing or lost pieces, that have come back your way…The time is now, the end/finish is in sight, and we are halfway home, and headed for the exit gate….Keep heading toward the finish line, and “Finish Well”…..

Run hard/work hard today, and you won’t be sorry, there will be no regrets….Got to keep on doing it, on “The Morning Run”….

Let”s hit the videos for this week, and we will begin/start out with Craig Morgan, and his tune, Almost Home…Not sure if he was halfway home, but he was “Almost Home”…CLICK ON BELOW

Next up we will go with John Denver, and his tune, Back Home Again…A good one here, Click On Below…

To be honest with you, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”….Bon Jovi and Jenifer Nettles sing about it here, in a real good video, and all you have to do is CLICK ON BELOW, and you are on the video show…Let’s Go!!!!!

Home is Where the Heart Is, and Lady A/Lady Antebellum sings about it, when you Click On Below…..

Simon and Garfunkel are “Homeward Bound”, and what do you say, we go with them….Simon and Garfunkel on The Morning Run, and they are Homeward Bound…Click On Below, and we are on the go with them…

In the end, we all have to Finish Well…We have Karen Peck and New River, ready to take us HOME with Finish Well…CLICK BELOW

As we finish, we must always “Remember the Goal”…A great movie here, and watch it if you get a chance…I have seen it, time and time again…Excellent, with Alle Sutton-Hethcote…Click On and “Remember the Goal”…

Top Ten for this week goes like this…The Top Characters from the old TV show, Green Acres…It is on Monday-Friday, on ME TV…Check out our Top Ten List for this week…

Top Ten Characters on Green Acres
1)Oliver Douglas
2)Lisa Douglas
3)Arnold Ziffle(the pig)
5)Mr. Kimmel(the county agent)
6)Mr. Haney
7)Sam Drucker
8)Fred Ziffle
9)Uncle Joe Carson
10)The towns of Hooterville, Pixley, and Bugtussle proper…..

That’s it for this week, and let’s all come right back in here next Friday, and do it all over again next week….See you then, and “Remember the Goal”……